So Bubbayumyum’s cookbook for babies and toddlers “Bubba Yum Yum The Paleoway For New Mums, Babies and Toddlers” is finally out on iTunes (with hard copy coming soon). And it’s been accompanied by the inevitable sensationalist headlines and articles showcasing an unfortunate but seemingly ever growing dearth of journalistic integrity.

Seriously, the papers would be doing themselves and us all much good if they stopped digging for dirt where they’re not going to find it and examined instead the story as to why such a huge amount of negativity (much of it vitriolic and baseless) has been expended against a cook book advocating a return to REAL FOOD for children. Because heaven forbid that there might actually be mothers out there that are interested in feeding their kids food free of over processing and free from multiple additives, preservatives, and refined wheat/sugars and cereals? Really it makes NO sense!

What they should be up in arms about are the products filling our supermarket aisles that we allow to be sold and used as “food” for babies. Like the formulas full of refined sugar and industrially produced seed oils. Where is the controversial uproar and media campaign about the fact that we’re addicting babies to starches and sugars from the get go?

To be honest I actually just find it all plain crazy.