Yes, it’s no secret that we love eggs around here! We love them any time of the day in every different way. We especially love eggs for breakfast as a healthy start to the day.  Needless to say, Chef Dom was super excited when the door bell rang the other morning with an unexpected courier bringing him a little surprise: A “You Can’t Beat Eggs” tea towel and a multi-coloured whisk.

Dom wanted to get on and use it right away and so we did – with just a short delay when mid way through Dom decided he needed to get his Chef gears on smile emoticon. We forgot to take a pic of the end product scrambled eggs but instead have one of our meals we have at least once a week = soft boiled eggs. Here with grain-free bread, brussel sprouts and bacon. Yum!


Love our Royal Breakfasts (with grain free bread)!

I checked out the website for Eggs Incorporated the entity behind the promotion. There is some useful egg info there (at although I will say they are conservative on the how many eggs they suggest you are allowed – not unexpected given they are citing recommendations from The Heart Foundation and The NZ Nutrition Foundation . We eat a lot more eggs than this! Related to this – their information on cholesterol does not reflect the most recent information available – which is surprising given that the more recent information would no doubt assist the company in their mission to getting NZers to eat more eggs…

How many eggs do you eat a week? None? 5? More than 10? We get through at least 2 dozen a week and more on weeks when we do baking (in grain free breads and muffins etc).