Real Food Lunchbox with Haloumi

What’s for lunch for you today?

In this Chef Dom lunchbox we’ve got:

  • Zoodles (Spiralised Zucchini) with Bacon (leftover dinner)
  • Grapes
  • Beetroot & Haloumi Cheese
  • Olives & Cherry Tomatoes Kebabs
  • Plum Bliss Ball (Valentines Day leftover).

Dom does love grapes but we’re moving away from them as a standard because they’re higher […]

Chef Dom’s Paleo Planetbox Lunchbox

Chef Dom Lunchbox from last week:

  • Peaches & madarin
  • Fish & lettuce
  • Haloumi cheese & beetroot (cooked in coconut oil)
  • Roasted capsicums
  • Baked kumara (sweet potato) chips
  • Green olives.
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