The Best Paleo Coconut Wraps

Generally speaking I don’t miss eating traditional bread at all since “going Paleo” over a year ago.  As I write that I’m thinking two things:

First, saying you’ve “gone Paleo” is just never going to sound right is it?  But if it’s not Paleo then we need to come up with another way […]

Real Food Lunchbox: Eat The Rainbow

Another Chef Dom lunch in his PlanetBox:

Interested to know if many of you make your own lunches?! Comment below “buy” or “make”. I know when I was working in an office I used to either buy it or more often just not eat any and keep working through…

One thing I […]

Super Simple Spinach Frittata

We’ve made this one several times and had it again this weekend. Simple recipe that’s quick and easy to make. Love it that we can be looking at vegetables in our garden and then 30 minutes later be eating them . So much more satisfying than ever imagined it could […]

Soft Boiled Eggs

What are your favourite breakfasts? We eat eggs for breakfast nearly every day as they’re so quick and easy. One of our favourites is soft boiled eggs with bacon and brussel sprouts and then something to dip with – either kumara fries, asparagus spears or like here – homemade grain-free […]

We Love Eggs For Breakfast!

Yes, it’s no secret that we love eggs around here! We love them any time of the day in every different way. We especially love eggs for breakfast as a healthy start to the day.  Needless to say, Chef Dom was super excited when the door bell rang the other […]

Real Food Lunchbox: Egg Wraps

Good morning everyone! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m feeling renewed enthusiasm for getting back to some basics of real food after attending the Pete Evans event yesterday.

The focus was very much on the fundamentals – regular home preparation and consumption of bone broths (aka great stocks), fermented foods […]

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