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Homemade Coconut Milk

Hope you’re having a great day. I’m working today on the finishing touches on our brand new membership Dom’s Kitchen Club coming next week! Keep an eye out for more information on because we have a cool early special early bird offer with bonus!

So yes homemade coconut milk: How is it […]

Do you know what’s in your coconut milk?

One of the most common ingredients we use is coconut milk. But watch out if you’re using any of the most widely available coconut milks or creams it’s highly likely you’re getting a lot more than coconut milk and it’s not good …
In fact many supermarkets options have so little […]

Product Review: Cathedral Cover Super Cereal & Coconut Yoghurt

We’re enjoying some goodies from one of our favourite companies – Cathedral Cove Naturals. This morning we’re having its Raw Paleo Super Cereal and Coconut Yoghurt. This cereal is a nutritious mix of sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and chia seeds with raw brazil, macadamia, almond and cashew nuts and shredded coconut, […]

Supermarket Sleuth: Is Your Coconut Milk So Good?

sanitarium-so-good-coconut Sanitarium Coconut Milks – Maybe Not So Good?

So Sanitarium has been advertising its new Coconut Milk far and wide and pushing hard on the fact that it has “no added sugar”. Well it’s true – the “unsweetened” product is free of added […]

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