bliss balls

Chocolate Bliss Balls (Paleo,GF,DF)

These delicious balls of yumminess are the best for when you are in the mood for something a bit sweeter.  These are definitely “special occasionals” as Chef Dom has taken to calling this type of thing.

We don’t usually make chocolate bliss balls as they’re pretty decadent.  But I […]

Super Simple Strawberry Bliss Balls (Grain Free)

Looking for a yummy party food dish or just something to keep on hand for the occasional indulgence? Bliss balls seem to be pretty popular at the moment. And we can see why – it was really hard to make these without stopping to have a little taste […]

Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

With the holidays we’ve had extra time to mess about in the kitchen and hence the number of more time consuming meals and snacks we’ve been posting here. And also because it’s the holidays we probably have been making more “treat” type concoctions. But these balls do have a vegetable […]

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