Sometimes you end up with nothing in the fridge and you just really can’t be bothered with cooking.  These occasions call for having on hand some good frozen foods on hand so you can whip together nice and easy.  This is where I find that eggs are always a winner.  So many different ways to cook them.  I do feel for people that can’t eat eggs!

These spinachy-fish cakes are really a total mish-mash of ingredients but happily it all worked out well.

We mixed together 3 eggs
a couple cubes spinach (for frozen we like the Talleys brand as its only ingredient listed is NZ spinach)
1 piece of white fish
1/4 cp Parmesan cheese (shavings)
1 slice chopped bacon
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp coconut flour and spooned into pan in four cakes in coconut oil for couple of minutes or so each side.

Totally delicious!