“Dietitians approve chocolate this Easter – for malnourished older Australians”

No sadly this is not a joke. This is the actual headline of a media release from the DAA (the Dietitians Association of Australia) last week. In the release they say: ”In a bid to help curb high rates of malnutrition among older Australians, dietitians have given the green light this Easter to spoil loved ones who may need a few extra kilojoules. …. With Easter just around the corner, it’s timely to remind families and friends that higher-kilojoule foods, like hot chocolate or hot cross buns with spread are ok choices for those either malnourished or at risk”.

The press release goes on to recommend “Easter treats for loved ones who need building up” including highlighting “hot chocolate”, eggs “on toast with margarine”, hot cross buns “with margarine”, “jam and cream” and “chocolate Easter treats” as good choices.

Well at least they got some eggs in there! But really – an association of dieticians is essentially recommending we feed our elderly refined wheat, refined vegetable oils and stacks of sugar to help with malnutrition?!? What about fruit? What about delicious nutritious chicken soup? What about a roast lunch or dinner with beautiful vegetables? What about focusing on an extended-family meal together (because nourishment is about mental and physical wellbeing)? What about feeding them REAL FOOD?! Oh wait a minute they can’t do that – it could be “dangerous” which is the word they have previously ascribed to the Paleo way of eating.

I did note the following on the DAA website which is something that very well might come back to haunt them and other similar bodies: “The Palaeolithic diet is being promoted by celebrities who have no responsibility in terms of providing individual diet or health advice. In fact, if your health deteriorates from following their diet, they cannot be held responsible. A health professional, such as an APD [Accredited Practising Dietician], takes responsibility for your health when they provide advice, supporting you until you reach your long-term health goals rather than giving you information and then leaving you to try and adapt your life to the new principles.

Good to know then that the DAA is going to step up and be accountable when (as I believe will inevitably happen) large numbers of people turn to legal class actions over the “health” recommendations that have been dished out to them for so long and for which we are all (either directly or indirectly) now paying such a high and terrible price.
So sorry in advance then to my in-laws – we won’t be turning up with loads of store bought chocolate or hot cross buns to “nourish” you with this Easter! (Check out the goodness you’ll be missing out on in the pics of ingredients below.) We might be able to rustle up something else though :-).

Thanks to David at Sweet Poison for bringing this media release to my attention. Here’s the actual release for those interested: http://daa.asn.au/…/Dietitians-approve-chocolate-this-Easte… [claire fix this]