Do you use a standing desk? Have you thought about it for yourself or your children? I have one at home and love it.

I think it would be great to see standing desks adopted in schools in New Zealand! When you see how kids are when at home it just doesn’t seem right to put them seated in desks – or at least not for long periods. I know Chef Dom spends most of his time either up and running about or squatting down (in the most perfect of squats) to play with his trains. He very rarely chooses to sit on a chair aside from meal times and even then he’d prefer the floor.

But can we do too much standing?

No doubt to spend all of the time standing would create other issues. It’s not about standing all the time just as it shouldn’t be about sitting all the time (and yet when we think of what we do with our children then it’s generally heavily slanted to sitting in respect of the more static position: in the pram, in the high chair, in the car, in school chair, at the dinner table…)

I listen to a great podcast (“Katy Says”…/katy-says-with-katy…/id894200695…) from functional biochemist Katy Bowman. If you’ve the time definitely check out the podcast or at least her website at

As Katy says: “We’ve got a situation where sitting constantly is creating disease and standing constantly is creating disease. Do you see the theme? Although the research and media are going to probably miss the boat on this one, the problem isn’t the sitting (or the standing, for that matter), but the constant and continuous use of a single position. Even this question smacks of someone from a North American and European perspective. As if sitting is bad and standing is bad, the only option left must be lying down. As if there is only three choices to how you position your body. As if there isn’t about a thousand different ways you could position your body.”