What are your favourite breakfasts? We eat eggs for breakfast nearly every day as they’re so quick and easy. One of our favourites is soft boiled eggs with bacon and brussel sprouts and then something to dip with – either kumara fries, asparagus spears or like here – homemade grain-free bread.

I barely got a chance to take these pics as Dom was very keen to get going with eating this meal! He’s been very interested in chickens lately since I’ve been talking to him about them: where they live, what they eat and why we buy free range eggs whenever possible (or preferably get eggs from a friendly neighbour).In fact Dom’s actually decided we should get chickens (and a few other animals) of our own – which of course is a brilliant idea but unfortunately not very practical in our current set up! Check out the text message I received from Dom’s pre-school teacher a couple of weeks ago on this subject smile emoticon.


Dominic with his egg for breakfast and paleo toast.

I noticed from the comments on our original breakfast post that a lot of you can’t eat eggs or are not wanting to eat them all the time. If you can’t eat them then that is sad and does make a real food breakfast a little more tricky frown emoticon . But hopefully you’ll be inspired to look at some new options from some of the other ideas we’ll be posting. If you can eat eggs then it really is the easiest way to have a real REAL food breakfast and there’s no issue in eating them every day.