Chef Dom and Me

Someone posted this question to our page today and although I thought the question might have been posed slightly differently I also thought it’s a fair question.

The answer is quite simple. It really is Dom’s Kitchen. He might not do all the cooking (although actually he does a fair bit!). But he’s the inspiration for me getting started with cooking, the reason that this blog even exists and definitely the biggest influence in our kitchen.

Before Dom came along I was never into cooking or doing anything much with food (well except eating it). Sure I made my egg white omelettes and skinless chicken breast stir fries (using Watties’ frozen veggies) but that was pretty much it.

In actual fact, for a good five years in late 2000s virtually every meal I ate was take out or eaten out – yes breakfast, lunch and dinner. And, as friends and family would be able to tell you (because it was a bit of a running joke at the time) we literally did not keep food in the house.

Even when we moved into our home with its beautiful kitchen my “cooking” generally extended to defrosting packaged meals in the microwave and it took a couple of years to figure out that the thermostat in our oven was broken as we used it so rarely (I’m talking single digit numbers in a year).

The net result of this is that I’ve only been cooking in a real sense for just over 3 years and only focusing on real food (i.e. cooking mostly from scratch and avoiding most processed products/refined wheat/sugar) for the past 18 months. Now, knowing what I know, I’d cook regardless of Dom. But if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know what I know.

So yes – “Dom’s Kitchen” – it just seems right :-).