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Nut Free Bliss Ball

Supermarket bought bliss balls are generally full of preservatives and refined sugar. Or where not with refined sugar still over 50% sugar with the high level of dried fruits. You can make bliss balls that are higher in fat and lower in sugar which is my preference but these are generally not so great in the lunchbox as they tend to melt. They do best kept in the freezer and used for home treats.  So the trick is working [...]

Nut Free Muesli Bar (Paleo)

I've been experimenting for a while for a nut free, grain free, dairy free "muesli" bar that will hold together for the school lunches. This is the current best attempt so far. The challenges are that what holds most bars together is the grains and loads of sugar plus they're usually full of additives and preservatives including industrial seed oils like canola oil. If you're making for eating at home you can add in coconut oil or butter [...]

Turkey Meatballs & Kale In Lemony Garlic Broth – Guest Recipe

Guess what? I’m not Claire. I’m Irena from Eat Drink Paleo and I am super excited to be here at Dom’s Kitchen sharing one of my recipes with you.  I’ve known Claire for a while through our paleo/real food blogger community and I’m so happy to be able to say hi to all of you lovely readers. […]

Homemade Nutella

It seems there are a hundred different variations for making Homemade Nutella and I'm fairly confident that most of them taste delicious because it's pretty hard to go wrong with the basic flavours here - we're talking chocolate and hazlenut. Our recipe is easy and and makes a yummy spread that's perfect for toast, pancakes, waffles, fruit and more! You can make it with chocolate or cacao. Hazelnuts ready to roast. Homemade "Nutella"!   The Best Part. [...]

Grainy Grain-Free Toast Bread

We have tried out a variety of grain-free recipes both crunchy ones with seeds like this one and also ones made with ground up nuts that make a "plain" loaf. You can make this one less crunchy by blending or chopping up your seeds. But if you really love something that more closely resembles white bread or a non-grainy bread then this is not the recipe for you! Also, we've not used any yeast or gums or other [...]

“Mish Mash” Salad With French Dressing

I love to eat a "mish mash" salad for lunch with just a bit of this and that all chucked together.  The more colourful the better. This salad starts with bed of salad leaves and then has 1/2 an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, couple of tablespoons of red cabbage sauerkraut (this is Be Nourished brand) with a sprinkling of almond nuts and seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) as well as some croutons made of toasted grain-free bread. What [...]

Dom’s Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce

We've played around with making tomato sauce before now and while the results were yum they didn't really have the wow factor. That's all changed now with this little experiment. It came about because the other night we'd done a big roast and at the same time I had cooked up Dom some sausages for his lunch. He wanted to have sauce for those and I thought of just blending up all the roasted veggies.  Of course it [...]

Valentines Day Mini Heart Cheesecakes

These Valentine Mini Heart Cheesecakes are sweet enough for a special occasion but also a healthier alternative to the processed sugar overload that can seriously derail your health and wellness goals during this time of year! They're fairly easy to make (using a food processor otherwise it would be a serious slog).  The filling is made with layers sweetened with fruit and small amount of maple syrup. But it's the crust that is the true star of this creation - chewy and sweet - it goes so [...]

Chocolate Bliss Balls (Paleo,GF,DF)

These delicious balls of yumminess are the best for when you are in the mood for something a bit sweeter.  These are definitely "special occasionals" as Chef Dom has taken to calling this type of thing. We don't usually make chocolate bliss balls as they're pretty decadent.  But I needed to make something for Dom to have at daycare when the other children are having birthday cakes (generally made with grains). It's not a decision I made lightly to have [...]

Brussel Sprout Chips

Who would have thought!  Bake your brussel sprouts in the oven to make irresistible Brussel sprout chips.  In the past I'd probably discard some of the outer leaves of these veggies - now we turn them into mouthfuls of salty, crunchy goodness. Brussel Sprout Chips   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 20 mins   Super easy snack that's satisfies the urge for crisps as is a much more nutrient dense option. Author: Claire D [...]

Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)

Zucchini made into noodles is one of our favourites. We make them with a thing called a Spiralizer but you can also make with a julienne peeler. Works out fine to simply spiral them into noodles, chuck them into a pan, cook until tender (about 1-2 minutes with some coconut oil) remove from heat and put under whatever cooked meat or vegetables you like and serve with small amount coconut oil with salt and pepper to taste. Yummy. However, [...]

Christmas Jellies (All Natural Flavourings)

We kind of made these by mistake.  They tasted great and looked amazing and were very popular at the Christmas get togethers.  You can also put actual slices of fruit in between the layers for something a bit different. It's easier to handle the jellies if you put them in individual serves but that takes bit more time.  This is one of those things that's a bit finicky but worth it for fun it brings to the table [...]

Christmas Tree Made Of Fruit

This Christmas tree made of fruit is a fantastic idea for a centre piece for the dinner table if you're having people over for a party around Christmas time. Creating this tree can be easy and fun but you definitely need to prepare with the right ingredients and equipment beforehand to avoid frustrations and injury! You'll need a large apple, a large zucchini (or cucumber but see the notes), toothpicks and one longer skewer and some fruit that can be [...]

Big Red Beet Soup

A fun beet soup made with base of beetroots. Combine it with the Greeny Goo Soup and add a spider made of olives for Halloween fun. Blood Beet Soup   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 35 mins Total time 50 mins   Blood beet soup for Halloween. Author: Dom's Kitchen Recipe type: Soup Type of food: Paleo Serves: 4 What you need: 3 tbsp butter (ghee), coconut oil, lard or tallow 1 red onion, chopped 1 [...]

Making Kale Chips

Have you tried making Kale Chips yet?  You must give it a go. It's really easy and they taste delicious.  Lots of ways to flavour them for variation too.  These seem to me to win the award for most addictive "superfood" ever.  They combine the salty crunch of a potato chip with a load of vitamins.  The only problem is it takes a LOT of kale to make a fairly moderate amount of the "chips".  But definitely worth [...]

Broccoli Soup

A delicious broccoli soup. Broccoli Soup   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 30 mins   Broccoli Soup that's fun for Halloween. Author: Dom's Kitchen Recipe type: Soup Type of food: Paleo Serves: 4 What you need: 1 large or two medium broccoli, chopped 2 cups chicken stock 3 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper Water Olive Oil 100g Cheese (we used goats cheese but you can use any cheese but stronger tasting [...]

Paleo Planetbox Lunch Box for Chef Dom

Another day and another Paleo PlanetBox Lunch Box for Chef Dom: Beef Mince with Red & Yellow Capsicums Sweet Potato (Kumara) Fries with Homemade Mayo Grapes & Strawberries Hard boiled eggs & Olives Cocoa & Kumara Bliss Ball. The beef mince mixture is fairly self explanatory.  For the sweet potato fries I sliced these and rubbed with coconut oil and then baked in our oven at 160 degrees celsius for about 45 minutes. Unfortunately I haven't got a recipe [...]

The Best Paleo Coconut Wraps

Generally speaking I don't miss eating traditional bread at all since "going Paleo" over a year ago.  As I write that I'm thinking two things: First, saying you've "gone Paleo" is just never going to sound right is it?  But if it's not Paleo then we need to come up with another way to succinctly describe what we eat and that's not easy? The other thing I'm thinking is - is that right? Do I really not miss bread at [...]

Chef Dom’s Clean Green Super Smoothie

I'm not big on drinking my food so I have to say so we don't tend to make smoothies very often and we don't have a juicer. When I do make smoothies I like to make them so thick that you almost need a spoon to eat them and I try to always include a decent serve of healthy fat.  I'm going to experiment a bit more with all this though as part of our move to including vegetables with [...]

A “Royal” Breakfast

What's a "royal" breakfast you might ask?  Well it's something we eat at breakfast time that looks more like most people's traditional dinner meals.  We also call it a silly made up name "Dinnfast" (as in Dinner for Breakfast instead of it's opposite: "Brinner"). But I love the name "royal" for this type of breakfast.  I got the idea from the Pink Farm Families over at  As for them, for us this means a breakfast that's high in saturated fats (coconut oil, [...]

Butternut Squash Fritters

Fritters are one of those fun meals where you can mix and match the ingredients quite a bit and get away with it.  Their also pretty quick and easy and great way to use up your leftovers!  Having said that we've definitely had our share of attempts that turned into a bit of a scrambled eggs affair. These butternut squash fritters are adapted from a recipe in The Paleo Kitchen which used spaghetti squash.  (If you have spaghetti squash you can use that [...]

Real Life Real Food Lunchbox

So I was going to say with this post "Here's Chef Dom's Lunchbox - it only took 5 minutes to put together the night before using leftovers and fruit and kept in fridge overnight to make for nice cool lunchbox and an easy morning." But then I read the sentence back to myself and I thought - that's just not right! Because although this is literally true of the assembly, the lunchbox was really only possible with a [...]

Paleo Banana Bread – The Best Ever!

This is paleo banana bread is too yum! It's "the best ever" according to Chef Dom. If bananas are very ripe it ends up more like a banana cake but if they are only just ripe it's like a bread loaf. We prefer is the less sweet version but either way very tasty and easy. This paleo banana bread is perfect for school lunch boxes as its nut free and you can make it dairy free simply by substituting the butter [...]

Real Food Lunchbox with Haloumi

What's for lunch for you today? In this Chef Dom lunchbox we've got: Zoodles (Spiralised Zucchini) with Bacon (leftover dinner) Grapes Beetroot & Haloumi Cheese Olives & Cherry Tomatoes Kebabs Plum Bliss Ball (Valentines Day leftover). Dom does love grapes but we're moving away from them as a standard because they're higher in sugar in comparison to other fruits and also because we're trying to eat more local, seasonal and organic where possible. Trying being the operative word [...]

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