What’s for lunch for you today?

In this Chef Dom lunchbox we’ve got:

  • Zoodles (Spiralised Zucchini) with Bacon (leftover dinner)
  • Grapes
  • Beetroot & Haloumi Cheese
  • Olives & Cherry Tomatoes Kebabs
  • Plum Bliss Ball (Valentines Day leftover).

Dom does love grapes but we’re moving away from them as a standard because they’re higher in sugar in comparison to other fruits and also because we’re trying to eat more local, seasonal and organic where possible. Trying being the operative word because often I just get what is on sale.  Also we are mostly dairy free at the moment but Dom does have full fat dairy from time to time and he did love this Haloumi.

The Plum Bill Ball is made with ingredients from our Valentines Day Heart Mini-Cheeesecakes.  Just used up some left over from that and turned it into these super delicious balls.

Hope you’re having a great day!

Claire 🙂