If you have children what’s their most favourite lunchbox item – the thing you just know they will always eat? If it’s a fruit then put that down but let us know what is their favourite non-fruit item too. For Dom it would be olives (as well as any fruit).

Here’s another LunchBots real food lunchbox for Chef Dom. This one with:

  • Chicken & avocado
  • Kebab of olives & tomato
  • Be Nourished Ruby Pefection (red cabbage) Sauerkraut
  • Apples with sunbutter
  • Home made granola bar.

Dom left some of the chicken and all of the sauerkraut. Lately he quite often doesn’t eat the sauerkraut at lunch but at dinner he will eat it with me with a bit of encouragement. I’m thinking to keep offering it to him for lunch from time to time but keeping it more for breakfast and dinners. For a while he was loving it. I saw a good post from Be Nourished yesterday with ideas for encouraging eating of fermented foods so I’ll look to implement some of those techniques – like mixing with carrots and other foods.