Ah yes – The Husband Project! I’m not sure how many of you reading this may be in a similar situation to me in respects of family eating. But I know for all the women out there you’ll know exactly what I mean when talking about having an improvement project that is your partner or spouse! And yes we know we shouldn’t. But… we still do.

So what’s the deal with us and how we eat as a family. Well you can check out Our Journey to learn more about how we eat. The simple fact of the matter is that I eat “Paleo/Real Food” about 95% of the time and Chef Dom eats Paleo about 90% of the time. (The difference being when he is out of my care people seem to feel the need to feed him the very stuff I’d just never want him to eat these days – like bought cakes with food colourings and the like. Take a look at my other project – Project Cut The CRAP – to see an example of this and my campaign to turn that situation around.)

On the other hand, I’d describe my husband (“Project H”) as following more of a 50:50 kind of plan in respect of Real Food! Part of the reason for this is because he isn’t (yet!) on board with some of the concepts I’m talking about here. And part of it is that he travels a lot and is eating out 90% of the time in hotels and on planes.

So we have a lot of “discussions” about how “extreme” it is to be cutting out “entire food groups”. About how can Chef Dom be getting adequate calcium if he’s not drinking cows milk. About how can it be necessary to limit fruit in any way. And about moderation and how can fruit juice be so bad for kids? We’ll the latter one I think we have resolved but for the others and more like them I’d say it’s more of an ongoing “discussion” situation.

Now I know my situation is not unique and a lot of you out there are trying to make changes to your families’ ways of eating (and other changes to do with overall wellbeing) and that not all members of the household will be seeing eye to eye. For that reason, I thought it could be very helpful – and perhaps a little amusing – for me to chronicle my attempts to convert my husband to Paleo/Real Food.

Helpful because, even though my initial reactions to his queries tend to be defensive, I know his questions can highlight to me what many of you will be thinking and so prompt me to dig deeper to get even more robust answers to back up my position or (as hard as it will be to admit it) to stand corrected because I’ve gotten it wrong.

And then amusing because I do know how fraught is my¬†position when “trying to change someone” and of course I also do realise it could be¬†better to just let it go. But I just can’t. So let’s see. I’m a very determined person. But so is he.

Let me know in the comments if you can relate?!