What? Another project! Just how many projects does this weirdo control freak Mummy have going on then?! Well a few to be honest. Yes I know it’s a thing I do. But perhaps you won’t think I’m quite so weird the more you learn about the foods that are being fed to our kids….this one has a number of facets. I was going to call it The Pre-School Project. Or the Grandparent Project. Or Project Snacktivist. But then I thought – you know what – the issue is much wider than these areas and it wouldn’t be fair to single out any one situation (much as I might like too!). So for now I’ve settled on the name Project Cut The CRAP.

With CRAP standing for:

  • Carbonated Sweetened Drinks
  • Refined Sugar
  • Additives & Artificial Colours
  • Packaged/Processed Foods

I’ll chronicle my attempts (both successful and otherwise) to cut the crap where I can in my circle of influence. If you’re looking for them in the future they’ll be here in the blog tagged: The Mummy Projects. I’m excited! And a teeny bit apprehensive. But let’s see where this goes…