Hey everyone – so today is a day when I’m getting back on track with being organised and pre-prepared. There have been a lot of things going on and what with Dom being sick and then us going overseas and then back again it all got a teeny bit dis-organised to say the least. For me I find the key to a good lunchbox week is preparing on a Sunday.

I’m looking at some of our older lunches today to get a bit of inspiration although these are from earlier this year so will be great for those of you in summer. You can see more of them on our blog here.

In this paleo lunch box we have:

  • Cherry Tomatoes & Avocados
  • Kiwifruit
  • Persimmon
  • Black Olives
  • Fish
  • Egg Wraps

Egg Wraps are my emergency bread replacements: just scramble two eggs together with teaspoon of arrowroot or tapioca flour – pour as one big omelette in pan and cook for couple minutes each side with salt & pepper to taste and then roll up either with something inside or more usually just on its own. Easy!

If you’re looking for something that holds and functions more as a wrap definitely try our amazing Paleo Coconut Wraps.)

For Dom this week I’m going to be keeping using the thermos and making up some yummy nourishing pumpkin soup and some sort of mince dish as well as another batch of bone broth. He likes most of the things I put in the thermos but I wouldn’t say I’ve had runaway success with anything yet. If you have a great simple recipe your kids love for the thermos let us know below.

Also, let me know if you would like to see more of the real life paleo lunch box. The thing is that most of the time Dom’s lunch boxes do look like this because it’s something that makes me happy and I have worked out how to do it quickly. What is harder is to take nice photos of them. Its so easy for shadows or stray bits of this or that to look weirdly gross in the end pic. Yes I know ‪#‎firstworldbloggerissues‬.

But someone said to me they thought some parents might find these pics intimidating? What do you think – would you like to see more snap shots of the not so pretty lunch boxes and the chaos and kitchen fails that do arise? Let me know in the comments on this post!

A note on Paleo for kids – what does it mean?

Eating “paleo” for us means eating REAL FOODS that are nutrient dense, rich in protein and healthy fats, and low in processed sugar. It means ditching the traditional packets from kids lunch boxes. Paleo is not about rigid dogma but a template to find out what works best for the individual.

We’ve just written an ebook “Lunches for Kids” that features in an amazing bundle. It’s part of an awesome bundle of real food resources from The Paleo Mom. Find out more and grab your FREE webinar and eBook today.

You can also find out more here about how we eat and why.