What’s a “royal” breakfast you might ask?  Well it’s something we eat at breakfast time that looks more like most people’s traditional dinner meals.  We also call it a silly made up name “Dinnfast” (as in Dinner for Breakfast instead of it’s opposite: “Brinner”).

But I love the name “royal” for this type of breakfast.  I got the idea from the Pink Farm Families over at www.pinkfarm.com.au.  As for them, for us this means a breakfast that’s high in saturated fats (coconut oil, butter, tallow or lard for example), that has as its focus animal protein and which contains a large serving of green vegetables as well as, optimally, a side serving of fermented veggies.

At the moment we’re not eating these types of breakfasts as often as I’d like.  Or at least I am but Chef Dom is only eating like this about once a week.  I guess even though we’ve moved well past the traditional high sugar / refined wheat cereals and toast I’ve still allowed Dom to become habituated to “breakfast type” foods – like scrambled or boiled eggs or chia porridge or pancakes.  I’ll be working on at least adding in a few more “Royal” breakfasts as I think it’s important to focus on real food in the mornings rather than relying on substitutions of the new Paleo breakfast stand ins (which certainly have their place but tend to emphasise nuts and seeds over vegetables).  There are so many advantages to starting the day off with a royal breakfast:

For starters you feel satiated when eating a decent serving of protein and saturated food as a first meal.  As well your blood sugar levels throughout the day are likely to be much more balanced when starting the day with a “royal” breakfast and whenever I eat like this in the morning I just don’t get any sugar cravings in the afternoons.  But over and above these physiological benefits are the ways this type of eating can help take the pressure of the lunchbox madness.  For example, I find that when Dom’s eaten a royal breakfast full of REAL real foods then I can be more relaxed with what goes into his lunchbox.  (Because it’s just not such a big deal if he doesn’t have the serving of veggies in the lunchbox – or at least as much veggies as I might like – if he’s getting them in the morning and afternoon).

So what’s required to make a “royal” breakfast work in our house?  What I’ve noticed is that it’s certainly about being prepared and prioritising breakfast.  It does require a bit of a different mind set.  Sure you can prepare it all the night before, reheat and gobble it down fast if you need to.  But you will get so much more benefits if you can make it a family experience not rush the breakfast.  Perhaps this is wilful thinking on my behalf as the mother of one toddler rather three teenagers but I really do think it can be achieved.  Of course it will likely mean waking up a little bit earlier!  It’s definitely about investing time in doing some meal planning and cooking extra for dinners so as to have good leftovers.

I’m going to make having regular royal breakfasts one of my Projects and aim for Dom to eat this kind of breakfast at least three times a week.  My thinking is that the more we do it the more its becomes just the normal.  Then we can save the pancakes, chia puddings and the like for the weekends.  Well, that’s the goal.  I’ll let you know how we get on!