Herb Pastes – Not Just Herbs!

Have you ever noticed what is in those super convenient ready-to-use herb tubes and jars? I don’t know but for some reason I just assumed that when it was labelled “garlic” or “oregano” that that was all that it was but many are only 40% the fresh herbs! Of course a lot of these products have a long fridge life so it’s not surprising you’d be getting additives or preservatives in the paste. But still I know I previously never took note and now I am, I’m disappointed to see canola oil featuring yet again.

For an example in the Gourmet Garden range only 40% to 60% of the ingredients are the fresh herbs. Their Oregano is comprised:

40% Fresh Oregano

Remaining 60% is listed as:

Sodium Lactate
Citric Acid
Canola Oil
Sodium Ascorbate
Ascorbic Acid
Xanthan Gum

Anyway – not something to be alarmed about and you’re probably already onto this. But if not, just something to be mindful of next time you’re in the supermarket.

Price-wise in my local supermarket the tubes of paste are $5.99 for a tube (115g – which is obviously going to last for a while). But you could have bought a couple of herb plants (so also ready to use and convenient!) for $2.99 each. And of course you could buy several different herbs for only a couple of dollars from your local garden centre and have fresh herbs available from your garden.


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