This is a hard list to come up with. Anyone of the cook books here could easily have been in our top 3 for different reasons so I’ve noted down what I think is great about each one to give you an idea of what might be best for you and your family. Happy cook book reading and cooking!

1. Family Food – Pete Evans – Fantastic all around book – great pics, easy to follow recipes, lots of options for children.

2. Well Fed 2 – Melissa Joulwan – Pure perfection in Paleo cooking – Melissa nails it. Fun, original, practical.  This is Paleo like I strive to eat.  Just Real Food. Also check out Mel’s first cookbook which is still a classic – Well Fed.

3. The Paleo Approach Cookbook – Sarah Ballantyne – Brilliant introduction. Great focus on the real nutrient dense stars of real food eating including whole section on ‘nose to tail’ eating. Complete nutritional breakdown for each dish – and I mean “complete”!

4. Nom Nom Paleo – Michelle Tam – Fun. Beautiful photos. Really original and entertaining layout. Lots of kid friendly options.

5. Bubbayumyum – Charlotte Carr & Helen Padrin – Brilliant recipes and wellness concoctions for pregnant mothers, babies and toddlers. The new bible for babies/children’s first foods.

6. Mediterranean Paleo – with Diane Sanfilipo Perfect photography that really captures the spirit of the pages. Brilliant styling and layout too. Easy to follow recipes with full allergen information.

7. Practical Paleo – Diane Sanfilipo – One of the original paleo cookbooks and still a NY Times bestseller today. Great book to give to someone who might be interested in learning more about Paleo.

8. The Paleo Kitchen – Julie Bauer & George – Julie and George love to treat themselves – both their websites and this cookbook have many options for paleofied treats.  The recipes make for fun, easy cooking.  This book is the other end of the scale to the more serious nutrient dense book I’ve mentioned above The Paleo Approach.  I’d say this would be a great gift for an older teenager.

9. Primal Cravings – Megan McCullough Keatley & Brandon Keatley – Similar to The Paleo Kitchen. One of the fun cookbooks with lots of great ideas.  Also great because many recipes are nut free.

10. The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook – This is cookbook but it’s so much more than a cookbook. I love this book. With over 100 seasonal Paleo recipes, guides to growing your own food and raising animals, and inspiring how-tos for crafts and entertaining, The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook is a guide not just for better eating, but for better living—and a better world.