OK people it’s time – Nose To Tail Tuesdays! What have you got for us??

We had another go making our 50:50:50 Paleo Burgers with 1/3 minced beef + 1/3 minced lamb liver + 1/3 minced bacon. So no these burgers are not for the faint hearted! Speaking of which a good change you can make is to swap out the minced meat for minced heart to make an even more nutrient dense meal. And of course 50:50:50 does not really make sense but it is the name given to the burgers by The Paleo Mom where we got the idea from.

We made these burgers with the portobello mushrooms as “buns” but I think it is easier to just use lettuce or eat the patties bun-less. Still was fun to do and looked great.

Dinner tonight was the burgers with caramelised onions and homemade guacamole on portobello mushroom buns. Totally delicious IMO and judging by his plate Dom agreed.

We set the table every night and Dom knows it’s his job to get the placemats and put out the cutlery. I think it’s really important – it creates a good atmosphere and helps children feel like important members of the family as it’s something they can do and do well (that said some of Dom’s settings are fairly creative…).
Martha Stewart says “setting the table is a good way to show we care about the people who will sit down to eat with us – it’s an act of dignity, respect, and love.” I agree.
Another thing we do is say Grace. I believe it’s a powerful thing to say thanks for our food before we eat it. And not just our food but taking the time to say thanks for our family, our safety, our gifts. Of course it can be a religious practice but equally it can not be.
This is something that I grew up doing and it always feels a bit strange to me when people just start eating without there being even a moment to acknowledge the meal or the person who has cooked it or the farmer that grew the vegetables or the animal that gave its life. I try to make a point of saying grace with Dominic each evening. If you don’t already give it a go and see if it makes your meal whether alone or with family that much more enjoyable!
Organ Meat Monday: 50:50:50 Burgers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
My favourite way to sneak liver into Dom's diet is with this delicious burger. When you combine a mild tasting liver like lamb with ground beef and bacon you really can't taste the liver at all. Cook these burgers on the grill, pan fried or oven baked - they're super yum however you do them!
Recipe type: Dinner, Burger
Type of food: Paleo
Serves: 6-8
What you need:
  • 250g minced liver
  • 250g minced bacon
  • 250g minced beef
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil or tallow or lard (if pan frying)
What to do...
  1. Combine the liver, bacon and beef in large bowl.
  2. Form into patties for your desired size. (We made 8 patties from this amount of meat.)
  3. If grilling: Use a med-hit heat - preheat then place patties on grill for approximately 6 minutes per side or till cooked to your preference.
  4. For panfrying: Heat 1 tablespoons of fat over med-high heat and place patties in pan and cook for aprox 8 minutes per side or till cooked to your preference. Repeat with remaining patties.
  5. For baking: Preheat oven to 200 degrees celcius (400 fahrenheit) and place patties in deep baking dish or roasting pan and bake for 18 minutes or until cooked to your liking.
  6. Rest the burgers for 5 minutes before eating.
Chef Dom's Tips:
You can make these burgers even more nutrient dense by using minced beef heart for the beef.

Make into burgers with onions, tomatoes and avocados with either mushroom bun with lettuce inside or use the lettuce as the bun.