Guest Post: By Judith Yeabsley featuring Joe and Max!

Traditionally people have eaten most parts of the animal and in other cultures many of the “weirder” parts are sought after. I have un-fond memories of my staff fighting over fish eyes when I worked in Indonesia and being fed deep-fried chicken gizzards as a snack in the cinema (tasted as bad as it sounds!).

My husband Roy and I are of the generation that grew up in the UK with father’s who loved liver and onions and steak and kidney pies. So, neither of us is a stranger to offal and it’s great to see a resurgence of nose to tail eating. Not only is it good that there is less wastage but many of these inner organs are nutrient dense and surprisingly tasty.

We’re excited that Claire and Chef Dom are giving the innards a push as it gives us an excuse to hunt down some old favourites and some new challenges. Roy loves sweetbreads but neither myself nor the boys have had them before so it had to be done. I bought some at the weekend and decided to cook them French style and so make the rest of the meal fit the theme.

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Sweetbreads soaking in milk.

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Joe and Max preparing the Sweetbreads.


I soaked the sweetbreads overnight in raw milk (apparently water works OK too). Then I simmered them in home-made veggie stock for 30 mins. They were lovely and soft and a quick taste showed them to be soft and creamy. I then got the boys to dip in egg white and roll in a crumb mixture I’d made (combination of ground sunflower/linseeds a little tapioca flour and thyme, salt and pepper). We then shallow fried and served on a bed of sautéed mushrooms.

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Enjoying dinner of sweetbreads!

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Sweetbread Dinner with Vegetables.



To accompany the sweetbreads I steamed some green beans and some mini brussels. I then roasted the brussels with some carrots and sliced celeriac. I cooked cauliflower in a white sauce then added spinach and onion pesto (as basil not in season). I also cooked red cabbage in chicken broth with chopped red onion, grated apple, raisins, cloves and red wine vinegar and butter. Joe LOVED this. It’s a great sour/sweet combination (we are a no-sugar family so when Joe says it’s really sweet I can assure you wouldn’t be for the average taste buds!!).

Max and Joe both tucked into the sweetbreads. Max was far more hung up about the fact that they were a pancreas but it didn’t prevent him from hoeing into his share.

I did a quick video afterwards to get their opinion on the meal.

Oh and I forgot to say – I thought they were great. Definitely my favourite innard :-). If you’re not a fan of offal in general don’t give up until you give these a go. The taste is very mild and they are soft and creamy.

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