Sometimes we get so fixated on not liking “organ meat”, that we forget some foods that are enjoyed widely are actually offal and great sources of nutrient dense food. Bone broth (preferably simmered until the bones nearly crumble) is one such food. Marrow is amazingly delicious – if you’ve never tried it you’re in for a treat. Pork rinds are also offal! Some cuts of meat like cheek are considered offal even though they’re muscles. There’s incredible nutrition in all of these and, even though eating plenty of them still doesn’t let you off the hook when it comes to eating organ meat, it’s a great entry point.



Making bone broth.

Nose To Tail Tuesday: Photo Competition
Recipe type: Broth
Type of food: Paleo

I really want is to encourage us to experiment beyond organ meats to a wider range of food. So while there are the organs (liver, kidney, tongue, sweetbreads, brain etc) there’s also the boney parts (oxtail, feet, shank, necks and back etc), raw fat (suet, back fat, duck fat etc) and the tendons, ligaments, skin and blood. Oops sorry hope I haven’t lost you there.

Post your your pic/pics every Tuesday to the post that I’ll put up with the name of what you’ve cooked (with or without recipes) over the next couple of months and the person whose dish (or dishes) appeals the most to me (based on combination of originality, appearance and nutrition) will win a copy of Pete Evans book Going Paleo. Pete is a big advocate of eating nose to tail so I thought that this would be a great match.

Note: the pics don’t have to be perfect or “look really yummy” (but of course if they do well done!). If the meal actually ends up looking gross that could be the winner smile emoticon. Sometimes I do make my liver or whatever look amazing. Other times I feel like I’m actor in Game of Thrones and I nearly have to close my eyes to eat! Looking forward to seeing what you have for us!! Here’s a pic of the ox tail broth we did a little while ago. We’ve been cooking up broth every week since and really loving it!