You’ve probably already heard of Headspace. It’s a funky meditation app that really delivers. In a short space of time the app has garnered a large and loyal following and there are now apparently over one million of us using this app in over 150 countries (making a multi millionaire out of its one time Buddhist monk creator Andy Puddicombe from the UK).

There are so many parts to it that I love and it’s much easier to use than any meditation book or guided meditation recording that I’ve ever tried in the past.

I would like to be able to say that once I started it I haven’t missed a day or something like that. But the reality is that I did do 3 weeks solid and then stopped when I felt I had too much on / too stressed. I know I know, the irony is not lost on me. Obviously that would have been the very time I needed it most. But I’m back into it now for a week and loving it again.

Have you tried Headspace? How do you find it? Or do you meditate in some other way?
If you are keen to give Headspace a go you can sign up at the link below for a free 10 day trial.