Recently I came across a great blog by Kelly, an Australian Mum.  The blog is called Be A Fun Mum and it’s filled to overflowing with brilliant ideas for things to do with children.  More than anything though the blog is about appreciating the small things in life and particularly in the day to day interactions with our children.  I really love this blog!

So following in this theme of “Be A Fun Mum” – this week I was inspired to get a little more creative than usual with Chef Dom’s lunch boxes.  Here’s what he had:

1. Inside Out Pork Sausage.  So sausage split and filled with Pineapple and Capsicum + Broccoli & Homemade Tomato Sauce + Strawberries + Banana Broccoli Muffin + Apple & Mini Sesame Seed Crackers.

2. Ham Roll.  So Ham on the outside and filled with Camembert & Lettuce + Avocado Salad + Kumara Chips + Full Fat Dairy Yoghurt (plain with added grapes) + Pear & Slice of Maple Spice Cake.

3. Giant Capsicums. So capsicums stuffed with Beef & Lettuce + Cucumber “crackers with Brie + Kiwifruit & Plantain Crackers + Coconut Yoghurt & Maple Spice Cake.

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Paleo Kids Lunchbox featuring Sausages & Capsicum

Inside Out Sausages

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Ham Rolls with Lettuce & Camembert

Reverse Ham Rolls with Lettuce & Camembert

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Children's Lunchbox Capsicum & Beef

Capsicum Sandwich with Beef & Lettuce.