I’ve just finished reading an article from of a man who’s travelling to Singapore for “a gruelling stem cell transplant procedure in an attempt to halt the steady destruction MS is inflicting on his body”. When reading the article I thought to myself – I really hope that he has read about the incredible work of Dr Terry Wahls (a medical doctor who has transformed her health through her diet see more about Terry and her work at http://terrywahls.com/about/about-terry-wahls/).

Now, I’m definitely not saying this man won’t also need/prefer to have the treatment he’s proposing to undertake. I’m obviously not a medical specialist and have no knowledge of his particular circumstances. But, in the same way that I would hope that someone diagnosed with cancer has heard about the benefits of reducing sugar and ketogenic diets, I also hope he had heard of the “Wahls Protocol”. Not that he would necessarily follow it but that he had at least heard of it!


Real food is medicine.

A couple of minutes after I read this article I was looking at Facebook and saw the post below from Pete Evans also on the subject of MS and is a testimonial from someone (Hollie) who has found life changing results through food. I’m very interested in this area as my father had severe MS and after being in a wheel chair since as early as I remember he passed away when I was 14. So recent findings connecting to diet relating to MS and other auto-immune conditions is one of my big motivators for learning about food and nutrition and especially for learning about epigenetics and the influence of our environment (food being a major part of that environment) vs our genetics.

Here’s the exert of a letter to Pete from Hollie (one of his readers) that he has reprinted on his Facebook blog:
“I read an article about Dr Terry Wahls and her amazing transformation and I knew that paleo was going to be the way for me. If it worked for Dr Wahls, it could work for me! And so began my paleo journey and I haven’t looked back. From day one I’ve had the love and support of my fiance and family which has made my transition so much easier. I haven’t had an MS symptom in over 12 months, my depression is gone and I feel healthier than I ever have! I have more energy, no longer get headaches or migraines which were a semi regular occurrence throughout my life and generally feel as though a fog has lifted from me.”

In the same post Hollie goes on to say something that for me is the reason that, although I don’t agree with everything Pete Evans says nor how he presents it, I do believe that the work he is doing is important and is very helpful to the overall REAL FOOD movement. Because, whether your take on it is Paleo or LCHF or Just Eat Real Food or I Quit Sugar or some other variation, you must surely see that Pete has done a fantastic job in bringing an awareness of how important the foods we eat are to our health to the mainstream in NZ and Australia.

As Hollie says: “Whilst Dr Wahls’s book was what started me off, I feel that by joining your tribe I have a constant army of support behind me and I have been inspired by your encouragement, great recipes and educated by the accurate information you provide. Pete, I thank you so very much for bringing paleo in to the mainstream – people no longer look at me as though I’m a weirdo for following this way of life and the way you are changing the lives of others by leading by example is remarkable.”

So I don’t know – maybe Mr Smith is already eating a Wahls protocol diet or similar? So many times we see things and we hesitate, we don’t want to interfere. And I know something I have to learn to be better at is listening and allowing people to ask the questions and learn in their own time if they want to. But there’s still the bit of me that looks at this article and wants to try to send him some information. Or maybe someone here will know him and let him know?

Because, just maybe, 20 years ago someone could known this information and could have “interfered” and said more to our family and it might have made all the difference?

Well, there we go, some real food ramblings on a Sunday. If you made it this far, thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend.