Coming up with varied, balanced, quick and easy lunch box meals that children will actually eat is a daily challenge for parents around the world. And when by necessity or because of dietary preference you’re trying to avoid all processed foods as well as grains, gluten, dairy and/or nuts then things can get especially tough. The key to success with a kids paleo lunch box is preparation, preparation and more preparation! 

All Chef Dom’s lunch boxes are gluten free and grain free (pseudo grain free too for the most part) and the majority are also dairy and nut free (the latter purely because of the allergy issue with kids in schools). They’re also easy to prepare in advance (usually we make them up the night before) and travel well.

A kids paleo lunch box:

Today in Chef Dom’s PlanetBox lunch box we have:

To make the Crumbed Beef “Nice” Blocks just mix mince with eggs + spices (I made up a batch with 500gm mince + 3 large eggs + herbs and spices) and form in what shape you like and coated with mix of almond / coconut flour then seal in pan insert stick and bake in oven 10 minutes or so. Soak the ice block sticks in water before you use so they don’t burn or insert after cooking but sort of more fun and solid cooking with stick.

Also, have a go at the home made tomato sauce. It’s much easier than you might think to make delicious homemade tomato sauces and mayos. (We have another tomato sauce made from roasted veggies or try our 30 second mayo!).

This super fun kids paleo lunch box idea was inspired by Nicky blogging at Real Food Generation.

Paleo for kids – what does it mean?

Eating “paleo” for us means eating REAL FOODS that are nutrient dense, rich in protein and healthy fats, and low in processed sugar. It means ditching the traditional packets from kids lunch boxes. Paleo is not about rigid dogma but a template to find out what works best for the individual. Find out more here about how we eat and why.

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