How to make cauliflower taste as good as french fries!

This was the headline that grabbed me and so we gave it a go. It’s just baked cauliflower but possibly as you’ve never experienced cauliflower before!

The end result – well OK, the cauliflower won’t taste exactly the same as potato fries would. BUT… this trick sure does transform plain old cauliflower into something special.

There are various methods I’ve now seen baking cauliflower but the one we used is as follows:

  1. Preheat your oven on high fan bake (250 degrees celsius).
  2. Take 1/2 a large cauli (or a small one) and chop in up into little florets.
  3. Spread over baking dish (not overlapping) and drizzle coconut or olive oil all over and ensure well coated (use your hands for this).
  4. Salt generously. Optionally sprinkle also with curry powder of your choice or (as we did) some ground paprika.
  5. Put tinfoil over top of cauliflower and bake (steaming).
  6. When cauliflower has turned more translucent (around 15 minutes) then remove the foil and toss with tongs then put back in for another 8-10 minutes and repeat this process a second or even third time until cauliflower well browned. (But watch it you don’t want to burn it!)

Remove cauliflower give it a final toss and sprinkle with salt then serve. Yum Yum Yum. This really does make cauliflower taste as good as french fries.

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