Hope you’re having a great day. I’m working today on the finishing touches on our brand new membership Dom’s Kitchen Club coming next week! Keep an eye out for more information on because we have a cool early special early bird offer with bonus!

So yes homemade coconut milk: How is it that I’ve not made my own before today! So easy.

I see all sorts of variations on how to make. We put 4 cups desiccated coconut* with 7 cups water then heated up to just simmering on stove top then left the mixture soaking 2 hour. Then blended in food processor 5 minutes and then strained with fine mesh strainer (because couldn’t find my nut milk bag but ideally you’d use the nut bag).

It’s tastes so yum! Will show you soon what I’m doing with left over coconut pulp in another post but nothing is wasted.

* Make sure to use coconut that has not got additives and preservatives. Just coconut!