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A genuinely holistic and sustainable 9 week healthy lifestyle program.

There are so many programs out there promising rapid weight loss, radiant skin and ripped abs in weeks. I’m sure you’ve even tried one or more of them. But the usual thing is that we either give up before the end (because they’re impossible to comply with) or, even if we finish them, the results are temporary because the focus was on short term gains and we quickly slide back into old habits. The problem is that these programs don’t focus on producing healthy holistic lifestyle results for the long term.

A program I’m happy to endorse:

Well here’s a program that I’m happy to endorse by my friend Irena Macri from Eat Drink Paleo.

It’s called the Happy Body Formula and it’s the first program I’ve seen that incorporates everything we need to consider to make significant, lasting change to our lifestyles. It’s a holistic program that covers all the basics for a healthy life – going way beyond simply looking at weight loss. So it delves into subjects such as reducing your toxic load, learning how to set up your pantry, the significance of gut health and building a more positive mindset to help manifest the life you dream of living.

Delicious Day Out

Sunshine, fresh air and getting outside in bare feet on grass – some of our essentials for a holistic healthy life.

It’s quite clear there are huge issues with the diet and lifestyles that are currently mainstream. Just check out the stats around obesity levels, autoimmune diseases and common nutritional deficiencies. We’re chronically stressed, over stimulated and fatigued. So many of us spend all day in front of our computers or iPhones. We’re rarely getting outside in the fresh air and sun.

Hopefully most of us by now have realised that this lifestyle combined with simply calorie counting won’t bring great health and happiness.

So who is the Happy Body Formula for?

The Happy Body Formula is a program for those of you that want to be guided, educated, supported and inspired by acclaimed experts in their field; who want to make long term, significant changes to your lifestyle, this program is well worth your consideration. It’s full of loads of quality stuff.

You can sign up here:

happy body formula

Happy Body Formula

Key highlights of The Happy Body Formula program.

  • 9 week program focussed on building longterm healthy habits
  • Basic nutrition and real food education
  • Emphasis on lifestyle as well as nutrition
  • Weekly meal plans and shopping lists
  • There is NO diet food in the program – just high quality, nutrient dense REAL food!
  • Nutritionist approved recipes
  • Contributions from global experts in nutrition, exercise, gut health, sleep and happiness
  • An app to track your progress, tick off your to do list and see what your team is eating
  • Tips on how to lessen the toxic load on your body (you’ll even learn how to detoxify your home!)
  • A fitness plan that requires only 20 minutes of exercise per day!
  • A private Facebook group with real (human) coaches
  • Important stuff you probably by now want to know.

Great value – grab the early bird price!!

Given the quality and quantity of content in this program I consider this to be exceedingly good value, particularly if you get organised early and grab the early bird price.

Early bird price: $99 USD (closing Sunday June 26)
Regular price: $149 USD (closing Friday July 1)

Registrations for the Happy Body Formula program are open now. Next round starts July 5th 2016. The HBF team have offered me and my readers a special discount. Use Happy20 at check out, and you will get $20 off.

Sign up to the Happy Body Formula program here.

happy body formula

Happy Body Formula Open Now!