Product Review: Cathedral Cover Super Cereal & Coconut Yoghurt

We’re enjoying some goodies from one of our favourite companies – Cathedral Cove Naturals. This morning we’re having its Raw Paleo Super Cereal and Coconut Yoghurt. This cereal is a nutritious mix of sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and chia seeds with raw brazil, macadamia, almond and cashew nuts and shredded coconut, […]

Product Review: Honeywrap Food Wraps

How beautiful are these reusable food wraps from honeywrap!? And they don’t just look good (and smell amazing) they are good: 100% organic cotton made in New Zealand with a blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.

A fantastic alternative to the standard cling film/Gladwrap these wraps can be used […]

Product Review: Goodbuzz Booch

Goodbuzz Brewing Co. is the family owned company behind Goodbuzz Booch. This is the company’s take on a non-alcoholic brewed probiotic soft drink commonly called kombucha. Have you made your own kombucha or tried this product range? What did you think? I love how Goodbuzz Booch is less than 7gms sugar […]

Product Review: Ecostore Fundraising Soaps

We all know the drill, each year the chocolate fundraising season descends on playgrounds and offices as schools scramble for extra cash to fund everything from camps through to computers. It doesn’t have to be chocolate though and more and more recently I’m seeing some great alternatives being offered.

One of […]

Product Review: Farro Foodkits

On the menu: Farro Fresh Pork Belly with Fennel & Apples one of the new delicious meals in Farro Foodkits. We were lucky enough to get sent one of these kits to try. Certainly makes meal prep super easy! Have you tried one of them?!


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