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Turkey Meatballs & Kale In Lemony Garlic Broth – Guest Recipe

Guess what? I’m not Claire.

I’m Irena from Eat Drink Paleo and I am super excited to be here at Dom’s Kitchen sharing one of my recipes with you.  I’ve known Claire for a while through our paleo/real food blogger community and I’m so happy to be able to say hi to all of […]

Butternut Squash Fritters

Fritters are one of those fun meals where you can mix and match the ingredients quite a bit and get away with it.  Their also pretty quick and easy and great way to use up your leftovers!  Having said that we’ve definitely had our share of attempts that turned into a bit of a […]

Fish & Chips

No recipe here.  Just super quick, easy, fun and delicious meal made with white fish, baked potatoes with rosemary and broccoli.  Chef Dom has invited his friends to the table (they have their “snow ploughs” on).  Love his imagination!

Twice-Baked Stuffed Butternut Squash (with Apple & Pork)

This is one of our favourite recipes inspired by one of our most loved from The Paleo Kitchen cookbook.  You can make up pretty quickly (especially if you have pre-cooked the mince).  Sometimes I pre-cook the squash (the first stage of the cooking) and then its super fast with pre-cooked mince. […]

Chicken Dish for a Dinner Party

We had a dinner party the other night and I needed to have something easy to put together that wasn’t going to be a major stress.  Not sure about you but entertaining people – especially when you’ve made a bit of a big deal about how your eating “real food” and […]

Super Simple Spinach Frittata

We’ve made this one several times and had it again this weekend. Simple recipe that’s quick and easy to make. Love it that we can be looking at vegetables in our garden and then 30 minutes later be eating them . So much more satisfying than ever imagined it could […]

Super Simple Spinach Fish Cakes

Sometimes you end up with nothing in the fridge and you just really can’t be bothered with cooking.  These occasions call for having on hand some good frozen foods on hand so you can whip together nice and easy.  This is where I find that eggs are always a winner.  So […]

Product Review: Farro Foodkits

On the menu: Farro Fresh Pork Belly with Fennel & Apples one of the new delicious meals in Farro Foodkits. We were lucky enough to get sent one of these kits to try. Certainly makes meal prep super easy! Have you tried one of them?!


Nose To Tail Tuesdays: 50:50:50 Paleo Burgers

OK people it’s time – Nose To Tail Tuesdays! What have you got for us??

We had another go making our 50:50:50 Paleo Burgers with 1/3 minced beef + 1/3 minced lamb liver + 1/3 minced bacon. So no these burgers are not for the […]

Nose To Tail Tuesdays: Beef Heart

We’re going to try starting up a new tradition – Nose To Tail Tuesday! Will any of you be brave enough to join us? There are lots of ways to incorporate organ meats into meals so that you don’t even notice them. I actually love liver cooked just like steak […]

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