Drinks & Smoothies

Chef Dom’s Clean Green Super Smoothie

I’m not big on drinking my food so I have to say so we don’t tend to make smoothies very often and we don’t have a juicer. When I do make smoothies I like to make them so thick that you almost need a spoon to eat them and I try […]

Bone Broth with Turmeric

Many people are familiar with using bone broth in soups, casseroles and for braising meat and veggies.  But broth can also be consumed straight up because it’s such a great source of minerals and glycine.

Once you make up your broth you can add various flavours.  We usually just add a pinch of […]

Chef Dom’s Clean Green Drink


If you’re feeling like a refreshing drink after the last few days (especially for those of you lucky to be enjoying hot summer weather ) then this will hit the spot: Ice cold water with fresh mint leaves + limes + cucumber […]

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