The Big Health Issues

LCHF? Paleo? Primal? Are You Confused?

Paleo Breakfast -Eggs, Bacon, Brussel Sprouts, Liver, Black Pudding, Tomatoes, Avocado & Seed Bread with Butter.

From talking to people I can see there is definitely confusion as to what “low carb” means and no doubt this is because it can mean such different things to different people.

Here’s what […]

Is Fruit Good Or Bad?

Fruit-good-or-bad Fruit: Good or Bad? Listen to Gary’s talk – link below.

I’ve sat on this post for a week because I was (am) worried about how it may be interpreted. When I told Project H I was going to do a post […]

Sunday Soapbox: Beware the “dangerous” additive!

I’ve been away from New Zealand recently and so have missed out on our main newspaper’s words of wisdom on the nutritional front for a couple of weeks. But luckily for me we’re back in time to get the latest from the NZ Herald.

First up was Friday’s recommendations of the […]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

With sky rocketing rates of childhood obesity and other metabolic disorders there is no denying we’re in a right mess in so far as feeding the next generation is concerned. But it’s never to late to make a positive change. The fact is though that (as the lyrics to Jamie’s […]

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