Sunday Soapbox

Sunday Soapbox: Up & Go Vending Program in Schools


Dear Sanitarium

Just a few thoughts on your Up & Go Vending Partnership Program.

I missed this story from last week when you featured on TV3. Now I’ve seen the clip I’m almost speechless, almost. Sanitarium I’m sorry to have to say it but you’re setting the bar extremely low for corporate […]

Sunday Soapbox: Healthy Whole Grains Cure For Bloating?

Today I see Niki Bezzant’s (Healthy Food Guide) article in The Herald is on the topic of fibre, constipation and bloating. Now maybe it’s just me but I wonder if anyone else found it ironic that the article is based on a survey of New Zealand women by […]

Sunday Soapbox: Beware the “dangerous” additive!

I’ve been away from New Zealand recently and so have missed out on our main newspaper’s words of wisdom on the nutritional front for a couple of weeks. But luckily for me we’re back in time to get the latest from the NZ Herald.

First up was Friday’s recommendations of the […]

Knowledge, Social Media, My Dad and Pete Evans

I’ve just finished reading an article from of a man who’s travelling to Singapore for “a gruelling stem cell transplant procedure in an attempt to halt the steady destruction MS is inflicting on his body”. When reading the article I thought to myself – I really hope that he has […]

When Are We Going To Get Real About What We Feed Our Children?

So Bubbayumyum’s cookbook for babies and toddlers “Bubba Yum Yum The Paleoway For New Mums, Babies and Toddlers” is finally out on iTunes (with hard copy coming soon). And it’s been accompanied by the inevitable sensationalist headlines and articles showcasing an unfortunate but seemingly ever growing dearth of journalistic integrity.

Seriously, […]

Is Big Food Synonymous With Bad Food?

It’s a generalisation to be sure but it really does seem that in the majority of cases “Big Food” has become synonymous with “Bad Food”.

Large food manufacturers are racing to reinvent themselves. Consumers are demanding REAL FOOD and the Big (Bad) Food industry is struggling to supply it. And this […]

Being An Expert In The Age of Social Media

I just read an article that I believe provides a compelling explanation as to how we’re getting ever closer to a complete rejection of the traditional food pyramid. That will be in spite of (rather than as a result of) the majority of “experts” in nutrition.  Check out the article here […]

Sunday Soapbox: Are you serious? The DAA strikes again!

“Dietitians approve chocolate this Easter – for malnourished older Australians”

No sadly this is not a joke. This is the actual headline of a media release from the DAA (the Dietitians Association of Australia) last week. In the release they say: ”In a bid to help curb high rates of malnutrition […]

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