BOGO Sales Tips & Tricks

A couple of times a year doTERRA celebrates with BOGO sales (Buy One Get One Free). These are full of incredible bargains where you can save hundreds of dollars. Plus be in to win cool prizes if you join in the fun in our Dom’s Kitchen online events.

BOGO specials are run in various formats & in different market’s around the world. Some customers have access to more than one market – so in NZ and Australia, for example, we can access the US specials as well.

doTERRA is a incredibly generous organisation. Indeed the work carried out within the Co-Impact sourcing model and Healing Hands Foundation is the most ethical business model I’ve come across. On top of this, doTERRA regularly gifts us EPIC deals and bonuses.

BOGO – Buy One Get One Free – is one of those epic deals!

If you don’t know what a BOGO week entails, let me bring you up to speed… ⠀⠀

What: BOGO = Buy One, Get One FREE! It’s a great time to stock up on your favourite oils, gifts for loved ones, or extra oils for fun incentives for your business!

When/Where: July 20 – 24 in Australia, New Zealand & Europe. July 20 – 24 & 27 – 29 in the US & Canada.

How: These are LIMITED TIME/STOCK SALES, which means you only have a set time to get your order in!

NZ & Australia — BOGO’s will be live for 24 hours only. USA, Canada & Europe — 3 BOGO’s will launch, and you’ll have 72 hours to snag it them up, unless they sell out early! In NZ, Australia, USA and Canada there will be special BOGO Boxes released on the first day of the sale where you can scoop up all the BOGOs for reduced price. You have be get in quick to ensure you don’t miss out. We know how much you love our 2 for 1 promotions and this one will be no different!

Dom's Kitchen Oil Bottles

New to doTERRA?

If you’re yet to purchase any doTERRA Oils, BOGO gives you the opportunity to receive huge value for your money in your first order. There are two options for you to get your BOGO oils when you become a new doTERRA customer.

OPTION 1: Pay a wholesale account fee of $40 in NZ (or $35 in Australia) and get unlimited oils at wholesale pricing for an entire year. (You have the option to continue after the first year for a second year for a $30 fee – and you receive a free bottle of peppermint oil). Choose any oils, blends, or consumables you like and create your custom order. No minimum order required. Add one or more of the BOGO oils and you’ll receive TWO bottles for the price of one!

OPTION 2: Purchase a starter kit, get an even bigger discount (eg save over $250NZ on the Home Essentials Kit) and your $40 membership fee is waived. Add 1 or more of the BOGO oils and you’ll receive TWO bottles for each BOGO oil you buy! Purchasing a kit is the most cost effective way to get started and it’s how I got started with doTERRA.


P.S. Most people get started by getting directly in touch with me (or the person who is helping you) as it can be confusing when ordering via the doTERRA website for the first time. Send me an email, complete the form below or text me +6421755646 if you would like help with getting your BOGO oils. Otherwise follow the instructions below carefully!

Step 1: Choose a Starter Kit

(see below – this waives the wholesale account fee) or skip this & enrol with the BOGO oil(s) & $40NZ ($35AUD).

Get started on your oils adventure by getting your hands on some doTERRA essential oils!

Use the simple guides below to choose the starter pack you’d love to try first.

Step 2: Order via our online shop

>>Visit my shop here
>>Click “join & save” up the top
>>Select your language and country
>>Select “local” & “wholesale customer “
>>Select “local” shipping + contact details & create a password you’ll remember.
NB For Enroller ID check my number: 3129451 & click to check my name comes up
>>Choose your kit OR or select $40 “Introductory Packet” (your wholesale account). Above the kit in your cart, type the name of the ‘Buy One’ oil in the search bar & click on it when it appears. Don’t add the FREE oil to your cart – it’ll be automatically added at checkout. Fill in your payment details.

Step 3: Be welcomed into our community


Your oils will arrive direct to you from doTERRA. I’ll send you a welcome email with all the info needed to get started.

You’ll receive access to our online oil communities, our weekly online education and regular in person workshops.

I’ll also be in touch with helpful info like where to find accessories + simple DIY recipes and other oily info. Can’t wait to meet you!

Already a doTERRA wellness advocate or customer?

If you’re already a doTERRA customer with a wholesale account and your loyalty rewards program set up you’re good to go! Simply add one or more of the BOGO oils to your order (or do a new LRP order for the month) and get the free oil(s).

Make sure your order is 50pv or more and you’ll earn product points plus get your shipping back in points (10 points each time you ship).

Also be sure to hit “process now” as you cannot save your BOGO order to process at a later date.

Some extra tips for your order:

  • “Wholesale Customer”. This is your wholesale account which gives you a full 12 months of wholesale prices and a ton of support but will not obligate you to sell or buy. (I suggest to do this even if it is your intention to do doTERRA as a business – but if that is the case flick me an email as well to let me know you’re interested in this aspect as well.)

  • The official starter kits mean you waive the wholesale account fee. But another option is to choose to mix and match products & if you do that, be sure to add the $40 “Introductory Packet” to your order. In both cases I recommend to add a bottle of “fractionated coconut oil” to your order so you can dilute your oils and use them safely.

  • You may choose to set up your Monthly Wellness Box order (also known as a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order). There’s absolutely no obligation to do this but if you want to build a business from the start this is what you’ll need to do. (See more info here on how to set up your LRP.)

  • Don’t worry if you don’t find this “easy”. I couldn’t get my head around it when doing my first order and the person who introduced did it for me. So, if you’re like me, then shoot me an email and I’ll help you sort it out –

Want me to design a custom starter kit for you?

Please fill in the form below.
You’ll receive a personal email from me with what to order and how to use the products based on what you said are your health priorities right now:

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