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An Introduction To Fermented Foods

Guest Post by Jo Nolan from Be Nourished*. Eating fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, is an incredibly healthy practice directly supplying your digestive tract with living cultures essential to breaking down food and assimilating nutrients. The reason I’m inspired by sauerkraut and kimchi is because not only are they an excellent condiment or ingredient that adds a zesty, tart taste to any breakfast, lunch or dinner dish but they're incredibly nourishing and full of amazing health benefits. These foods [...]

16 Simple Suggestions To Supercharge Your Family’s Health In 2016

Just do one thing: Eat More Real Food this year. If there’s just ONE thing that you can do for your family in 2016 that's likely to have the biggest impact on health and wellbeing then that would be to Eat More Real Food (a.k.a. Eat Less Fake Food). And the exciting thing is that, if we all do our bit, it will surely bring about a Real Food Revolution in Kids Food! We’re learning fast that there’s so much we still don’t know [...]

Christmas Jellies (All Natural Flavourings)

We kind of made these by mistake.  They tasted great and looked amazing and were very popular at the Christmas get togethers.  You can also put actual slices of fruit in between the layers for something a bit different. It's easier to handle the jellies if you put them in individual serves but that takes bit more time.  This is one of those things that's a bit finicky but worth it for fun it brings to the table [...]

How many additives would you guess in this kids lunch box?

Lunchbox Comparison A few months back I did a Facebook post on the subject of school lunch boxes which drew a large number of comments. I posted the lunchbox on the right as an example of what as what I have see as typical of many children's lunch boxes these days. Now of course a lot of children have less highly processed packaged products in their lunch boxes but then on the other hand in respect of this very photo I received multiple messages confirming [...]

Christmas Tree Made Of Fruit

This Christmas tree made of fruit is a fantastic idea for a centre piece for the dinner table if you're having people over for a party around Christmas time. Creating this tree can be easy and fun but you definitely need to prepare with the right ingredients and equipment beforehand to avoid frustrations and injury! You'll need a large apple, a large zucchini (or cucumber but see the notes), toothpicks and one longer skewer and some fruit that can be [...]

Paleo Christmas Cake

  I've never been into Christmas cakes. They were too sweet and I wasn't a fan of the green and red glace cherries. Turns out I was probably right to be wary of them as too often store bought cakes (or even those home made) are full of additives and preservatives which are in the dried fruits used to make them - and the cherries are often the worst of the lot. The most commonly used additive in dried [...]

Sunday Soapbox: Up & Go Vending Program in Schools

  Dear Sanitarium Just a few thoughts on your Up & Go Vending Partnership Program. I missed this story from last week when you featured on TV3. Now I've seen the clip I'm almost speechless, almost. Sanitarium I'm sorry to have to say it but you're setting the bar extremely low for corporate responsibility. In case you missed a few of the more blatant contradictions that were apparent, I'll run through some of what's highlighted in the TV3 [...]

Is Fruit Good Or Bad?

Fruit: Good or Bad? Listen to Gary's talk - link below. I've sat on this post for a week because I was (am) worried about how it may be interpreted. When I told Project H I was going to do a post titled on "Is Fruit Good Or Bad for us?" he said "That's crazy talk!" and "Claire, if you're telling me fruit is bad then that's just ridiculous and if you start telling people then no one is [...]

Halloween Soup

This is a super fun and quick idea - Halloween soup. Combine two of your favourite flavours and add a spider made out of olives. Here we have beetroot soup with broccoli soup and renamed with fun Halloween sounding names.  Have the two soups in two separate pouring containers or jugs and pour them into a soup bowl together to get them looking like two soups above. Check out the Broccoli Soup here and the Beet Soup here. [...]

4 Fun Healthy Halloween Ideas

Looking for some healthy halloween ideas? Check out these four fun ideas that are great for a halloween party and (depending on your situation) could also work in the lunch box too. Have fun and remember if you make any of these creations be sure to let us know how you went and tag us #domskitchen if you're posting pics on social media! We're going to be back in the kitchen later this week making some healthy lollies [...]

Paleo Lunch Box: Inspo & Real Life

Hey everyone - so today is a day when I'm getting back on track with being organised and pre-prepared. There have been a lot of things going on and what with Dom being sick and then us going overseas and then back again it all got a teeny bit dis-organised to say the least. For me I find the key to a good lunchbox week is preparing on a Sunday. I'm looking at some of our older lunches today [...]

Homemade Coconut Milk

Hope you're having a great day. I'm working today on the finishing touches on our brand new membership Dom's Kitchen Club coming next week! Keep an eye out for more information on because we have a cool early special early bird offer with bonus! So yes homemade coconut milk: How is it that I've not made my own before today! So easy. I see all sorts of variations on how to make. We put 4 cups desiccated coconut* with [...]

Paleo Porridge – Mint Chocolate

Yes I know this probably sounds weird but believe me it tastes totally delicious! * I've set this out as a "recipe" for paleo porridge but as with so many of these types of meals you really can mix and match and the amounts are very forgiving as to what suits your taste preferences best.  The thing to remember is that eggs and coconut help to bind the mixture as does the banana which is also useful as [...]

Kids Real Food Lunch Box with Egg “Sushi”

Coming up with varied, balanced, quick and easy lunch box meals that children will actually eat is a daily challenge for parents around the world. And when by necessity or because of dietary preference you're trying to avoid all processed foods as well as grains, gluten, dairy and/or nuts then things can get especially tough. The key to success with a kids paleo lunch box is preparation, preparation and more preparation! All Chef Dom's lunch boxes are gluten [...]

Chef Dom’s Super Chocolatey Mini Muffins (GF,DF,NF)

Delicious chocolate muffins made from base of coconut flour - no grains / gluten /dairy or nuts.* OK so if you were watching our live video on Periscope then you would have seen that it took a fair number of goes to get these right. Mostly because I was experimenting with less sugar and with using stevia. At the end of the day these are not low sugar. (If you make up according to recipe below you will [...]

Book Review: A Diet For 7 Generations by Michelle Yandle

“A Diet for 7 Generations” is a diet book with a difference. Namely – it’s not about a diet in the commonly used sense of the word. Rather it’s about a return to a diet (in the sense of “a way of eating”) that is focused on just eating real food. So it's about saying goodbye to packets and numbers we can’t decipher and eating food as nature intended it. Some people refer to this way of eating [...]

Nose To Tail Tuesdays: Sweetbreads By The Art of Nutrition

Guest Post: By Judith Yeabsley featuring Joe and Max! Traditionally people have eaten most parts of the animal and in other cultures many of the “weirder” parts are sought after. I have un-fond memories of my staff fighting over fish eyes when I worked in Indonesia and being fed deep-fried chicken gizzards as a snack in the cinema (tasted as bad as it sounds!). My husband Roy and I are of the generation that grew up in the UK with [...]

Big Red Beet Soup

A fun beet soup made with base of beetroots. Combine it with the Greeny Goo Soup and add a spider made of olives for Halloween fun. Blood Beet Soup   Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 35 mins Total time 50 mins   Blood beet soup for Halloween. Author: Dom's Kitchen Recipe type: Soup Type of food: Paleo Serves: 4 What you need: 3 tbsp butter (ghee), coconut oil, lard or tallow 1 red onion, chopped 1 [...]

Sunday Soapbox: Healthy Whole Grains Cure For Bloating?

Today I see Niki Bezzant's (Healthy Food Guide) article in The Herald is on the topic of fibre, constipation and bloating. Now maybe it's just me but I wonder if anyone else found it ironic that the article is based on a survey of New Zealand women by a cereal company. "A survey of New Zealand women by cereal company Kellogg's found more than half the respondents suffered from bloating as a result of digestive discomfort many times [...]

Making Kale Chips

Have you tried making Kale Chips yet?  You must give it a go. It's really easy and they taste delicious.  Lots of ways to flavour them for variation too.  These seem to me to win the award for most addictive "superfood" ever.  They combine the salty crunch of a potato chip with a load of vitamins.  The only problem is it takes a LOT of kale to make a fairly moderate amount of the "chips".  But definitely worth [...]

Sunday Soapbox: Beware the “dangerous” additive!

I've been away from New Zealand recently and so have missed out on our main newspaper's words of wisdom on the nutritional front for a couple of weeks. But luckily for me we're back in time to get the latest from the NZ Herald. First up was Friday's recommendations of the best "real foods" from our vending machines - where clearly "real foods" is given a wide interpretation given No 2 on the list is a can of [...]

Do you know what’s in your coconut milk?

One of the most common ingredients we use is coconut milk. But watch out if you're using any of the most widely available coconut milks or creams it's highly likely you're getting a lot more than coconut milk and it's not good ... In fact many supermarkets options have so little coconut in them it's surprising they can actually be called "coconut milk". These products generally have a host of undesirable extras including canola oil and sugar! Even [...]

Why Dom’s Kitchen and not Claire’s Kitchen?

Chef Dom and Me Someone posted this question to our page today and although I thought the question might have been posed slightly differently I also thought it's a fair question. The answer is quite simple. It really is Dom's Kitchen. He might not do all the cooking (although actually he does a fair bit!). But he's the inspiration for me getting started with cooking, the reason that this blog even exists and definitely the biggest influence [...]

Broccoli Soup

A delicious broccoli soup. Broccoli Soup   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 30 mins   Broccoli Soup that's fun for Halloween. Author: Dom's Kitchen Recipe type: Soup Type of food: Paleo Serves: 4 What you need: 1 large or two medium broccoli, chopped 2 cups chicken stock 3 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper Water Olive Oil 100g Cheese (we used goats cheese but you can use any cheese but stronger tasting [...]

Project Royal Breakfast: Pumpkin Soup

So yes another project - there are a few going on here (check them out under The Mummy Projects in the Blog). And yes I do realise these can be annoying. But it's how I roll.  Always on a project or two or ten. This one is Project Royal Breakfast. And today was progress getting Chef Dom to regularly eat breakfasts that look like dinner or lunch: So soups and vegetables as well as eggs or meat or fish. [...]

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