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Nut Free Bliss Ball

Supermarket bought bliss balls are generally full of preservatives and refined sugar. Or where not with refined sugar still over 50% sugar with the high level of dried fruits. You can make bliss balls that are higher in fat and lower in sugar which is my preference but these are generally not so great in the lunchbox as they tend to melt. They do best kept in the freezer and used for home treats.  So the trick is working [...]

Nut Free Muesli Bar (Paleo)

I've been experimenting for a while for a nut free, grain free, dairy free "muesli" bar that will hold together for the school lunches. This is the current best attempt so far. The challenges are that what holds most bars together is the grains and loads of sugar plus they're usually full of additives and preservatives including industrial seed oils like canola oil. If you're making for eating at home you can add in coconut oil or butter [...]

Blogging, boundaries & “being real” online.

An overdue letter. Hey there! Happy New Year! Yes I know I know - I’m a bit late on it. Seriously can you believe we’re almost into February 2017? The last year went so fast. But then I think that for many of us finishing up 2016 couldn’t come soon enough. I've been thinking a lot about New Year's resolutions. I used to be really into them but I found myself less enthused this year. I think it’s [...]

Christmas Pudding Bliss Balls

Yes crazy I'm actually doing a blog post with a new recipe - Christmas Pudding Bliss Balls! We're over here in the UK visiting with my Mum for Christmas. Must say a lot more of our traditional Christmas dishes make a lot more sense over here in the colder weather and somehow it DOES feel more Christmas-y. So here's a twist on the usual bliss balls for a bit of fun. They're a bit finicky but do look [...]

The Paleo Family Toolkit – Amazing Real Food Resource For Busy Parents

Hey everyone - our lunchbox eBook ("Lunches for Kids") is being featured in The Paleo Family Toolkit - an amazing real food resource for busy parents with a huge bundle of books, videos and discount coupons. This toolkit is way better than any other bundle I've seen before and I'm so excited to be a part of it. There's amazing content, huge value AND you get FREE STUFF without even making a purchase! Like a three part video series from [...]

Turkey Meatballs & Kale In Lemony Garlic Broth – Guest Recipe

Guess what? I’m not Claire. I’m Irena from Eat Drink Paleo and I am super excited to be here at Dom’s Kitchen sharing one of my recipes with you.  I’ve known Claire for a while through our paleo/real food blogger community and I’m so happy to be able to say hi to all of you lovely readers. […]

NATURALLY NOOD BARS: An Open letter to Sanitarium from Dom’s Kitchen.

In this week's Sunday Soapbox I'm ranting about greenwashing in respect of the new Naturally Nood Bars from Sanitarium. We've seen it with Pepsi Next and Coke Life and well be seeing it a whole lot more. Just look at all the products marked "gluten free" that are free of gluten but are full of all other manner of undesirable ingredients. Before getting into my little rant though I wanted to make the point that I absolutely get [...]

Love Heart Jellies

Dom and I made these Love Heart Gelatine Gummies today as we started off going to make a lemon and honey drink for my cough but then got idea to make these. So easy! Gelatine is According the information I’ve read the list of benefits associated with gelatine (or gelatin as it's also called) are far ranging and include supporting healthy skin, hair and nail growth, helping joint and joint recovery, improving digestion and so on. And aside from [...]

A healthy holistic lifestyle program that ticks all the boxes!

A genuinely holistic and sustainable 9 week healthy lifestyle program. There are so many programs out there promising rapid weight loss, radiant skin and ripped abs in weeks. I'm sure you've even tried one or more of them. But the usual thing is that we either give up before the end (because they're impossible to comply with) or, even if we finish them, the results are temporary because the focus was on short term gains and we quickly slide back into old [...]

Super Simple Pumpkin Soup

When the days get chilly like they are in Auckland at the moment you really can't beat an easy and delicious pumpkin soup. This one's inspired by the recipe for Pumpkin & Coconut Soup in the fantastic What The Fat? book by Caryn Zinn Dietitian, Prof Grant Schofield and Chef Craig Rodger. This dish is great on cold windy days like today in Auckland. But it's equally yum on a warmer day. I highly recommend the WTF? book [...]

Paleo Lunch Boxes: How do you keep the food fresh and other common FAQs

1. How do you keep the food fresh for lunch? A common question I get asked is how to keep the food fresh for Dom's lunches. One thing to remember is that many adults and children are having chicken (or other type of meat) sandwiches and keeping these in their bags without any issues arising even though they're not using cooling packs. (I'm not advocating this - just pointing out that having chicken or other meat for lunch is not [...]

Super Easy Homemade Chocolate Gummies

So these are our super easy homemade chocolate gummies! A Chef Dom favourite and one of mine too. Made with gelatine which we're really loving! Have you tried using it? We use Great Lakes Gelatine (the red container). It's so easy to add to a variety of different foods for fun effects and some delicious gut healing goodness. Gelatine is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. But it's one of the few so called "superfoods" that [...]

Perfect Sweet Potato Chips

This isn't really a "recipe" as such. Just the method of making chips that are super crunchy and delicious that we use so we've called them our perfect sweet potato chips. Ingredients:  5 medium sized sweet potatoes (the purple ones seem to work best but orange fine too. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (or another fat - lard or olive or macadamia oil for example). What To Do: Preheat the oven to 130 degrees celsius. Slice the sweet [...]

LCHF? Paleo? Primal? Are You Confused?

Paleo Breakfast -Eggs, Bacon, Brussel Sprouts, Liver, Black Pudding, Tomatoes, Avocado & Seed Bread with Butter. From talking to people I can see there is definitely confusion as to what "low carb" means and no doubt this is because it can mean such different things to different people. Here's what I consider to be the most important thing to understand about what it means to eat "LOW CARB": "Even if you did nothing else but just eliminate processed [...]

Homemade Nutella

It seems there are a hundred different variations for making Homemade Nutella and I'm fairly confident that most of them taste delicious because it's pretty hard to go wrong with the basic flavours here - we're talking chocolate and hazlenut. Our recipe is easy and and makes a yummy spread that's perfect for toast, pancakes, waffles, fruit and more! You can make it with chocolate or cacao. Hazelnuts ready to roast. Homemade "Nutella"!   The Best Part. [...]

Grainy Grain-Free Toast Bread

We have tried out a variety of grain-free recipes both crunchy ones with seeds like this one and also ones made with ground up nuts that make a "plain" loaf. You can make this one less crunchy by blending or chopping up your seeds. But if you really love something that more closely resembles white bread or a non-grainy bread then this is not the recipe for you! Also, we've not used any yeast or gums or other [...]

How to make cauliflower taste as good as french fries?!

"How to make cauliflower taste as good as french fries!" This was the headline that grabbed me and so we gave it a go. It's just baked cauliflower but possibly as you've never experienced cauliflower before! The end result - well OK, the cauliflower won't taste exactly the same as potato fries would. BUT... this trick sure does transform plain old cauliflower into something special. There are various methods I've now seen baking cauliflower but the one we used is [...]

“Mish Mash” Salad With French Dressing

I love to eat a "mish mash" salad for lunch with just a bit of this and that all chucked together.  The more colourful the better. This salad starts with bed of salad leaves and then has 1/2 an avocado, 1 hard boiled egg, couple of tablespoons of red cabbage sauerkraut (this is Be Nourished brand) with a sprinkling of almond nuts and seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) as well as some croutons made of toasted grain-free bread. What [...]

Paleo Nut Bar

Holiday days are perfect for getting into the kitchen with children. Has anyone else been making something yummy this week? Let us know in the comments. We've been busy making this paleo nut bar - super delicious and easy too. We were invited to take part in the ‪#‎goodfoodchallenge‬ happening over at Alison's Pantry. As part of that we received a mystery box of Alison's Pantry ingredients to use as a base for our creation. Our box had almonds, mixed [...]

Dom’s Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce

We've played around with making tomato sauce before now and while the results were yum they didn't really have the wow factor. That's all changed now with this little experiment. It came about because the other night we'd done a big roast and at the same time I had cooked up Dom some sausages for his lunch. He wanted to have sauce for those and I thought of just blending up all the roasted veggies.  Of course it [...]

Valentines Day Mini Heart Cheesecakes

These Valentine Mini Heart Cheesecakes are sweet enough for a special occasion but also a healthier alternative to the processed sugar overload that can seriously derail your health and wellness goals during this time of year! They're fairly easy to make (using a food processor otherwise it would be a serious slog).  The filling is made with layers sweetened with fruit and small amount of maple syrup. But it's the crust that is the true star of this creation - chewy and sweet - it goes so [...]

Chocolate Bliss Balls (Paleo,GF,DF)

These delicious balls of yumminess are the best for when you are in the mood for something a bit sweeter.  These are definitely "special occasionals" as Chef Dom has taken to calling this type of thing. We don't usually make chocolate bliss balls as they're pretty decadent.  But I needed to make something for Dom to have at daycare when the other children are having birthday cakes (generally made with grains). It's not a decision I made lightly to have [...]

Brussel Sprout Chips

Who would have thought!  Bake your brussel sprouts in the oven to make irresistible Brussel sprout chips.  In the past I'd probably discard some of the outer leaves of these veggies - now we turn them into mouthfuls of salty, crunchy goodness. Brussel Sprout Chips   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 10 mins Total time 20 mins   Super easy snack that's satisfies the urge for crisps as is a much more nutrient dense option. Author: Claire D [...]

Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles)

Zucchini made into noodles is one of our favourites. We make them with a thing called a Spiralizer but you can also make with a julienne peeler. Works out fine to simply spiral them into noodles, chuck them into a pan, cook until tender (about 1-2 minutes with some coconut oil) remove from heat and put under whatever cooked meat or vegetables you like and serve with small amount coconut oil with salt and pepper to taste. Yummy. However, [...]

Coconut Gummies

These coconut gummies are the perfect blend of sweet and sour (if you use lime juice - but you can totally leave this out as well).  They use gelatine which is really great for our bodies (think bone broth) and also fantastic for improving gut health. These could make great Halloween treats with the right mold or be equally great for Christmas. Kids will love making these. But be warned they can get just a tad messy! Dom [...]

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