Super delicious “nice” cream on hot summer day.
This is so simple it’s not really a recipe.  Just take three ripe frozen bananas (pre-frozen in cut pieces is easiest) and blend with one ripe avocado and 1-2 tablespoons of honey.  Either eat immediately or place into a mould to freeze and then enjoy on a stick!
  1. Actually just putting a stick through a whole banana and chucking it in the freezer makes for a delicious banana ice-block just as is – so obviously you can mix and match anything other than the bananas in the above mix.
  2. For mixture as above you would want to chop and freeze ripe-ish bananas beforehand (preferably from overnight but 3 hours minimum).
  3. When freezing place in single layer in container (or double layer with baking paper or cling film) so that you can break the banana apart easily to put in the blender.




A little “taste-tap” as Dom calls it.

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