One of Chef Dom’s lunches from a week ago:

  • Roasted Cauliflower
  • Grapes & Feijoas
  • Sausages & Lettuce (Free range organic beef meat)
  • Tomatoes
  • Home-made Mayo
  • Chocolate Bliss Ball

Wondering who else has been enjoying not having to make school lunch boxes this holidays? I kind of have a love-hate relationship with them. On the one hand I’ve worked out what works and what doesn’t (for the moment at least) and, because we’ve been eating 95% real food without packages for over a year, the actual putting together of a real food lunch box is not taking so much time.

I’ve definitely found that having a lunchbox with little spaces to put in food directly (a bento box concept) makes it much easier to get the portions right and then I can see easily what’s been eaten and what hasn’t. Also on the positive, I get a lot of satisfaction out of putting it together and having it come back (mostly) eaten.

On the other hand even with an ice pack (and the stainless steel box chilled in the fridge overnight) it’s never the same as if you just got it out of the fridge and I still often run low on food that I know for absolute certain will work. Although we do turn to trusty favourites often (meatballs, chicken drumsticks, kumara fries, kale crisps, fruit, tomatoes and olives) there are always some new things.

I suppose that’s because we’re often trying new foods for dinner times for fun and so (because most of Dom’s lunch box is leftovers) there are often newish things in his lunchbox. All of this has the net result that I still seem to need to turn on my “lunch-box brain” in a way it doesn’t always want to be turned on.

What about you? Are you a lunchbox lover or hater (in so far as making them goes) or a bit of both?