So obviously it’s Easter this weekend – one of the main sugar-laden events of the year and perhaps the first such event since you’ve made a decision to reduce you and your family’s sugar intake. Rather than stressing out over this (which to be honest I did last year) see it as an opportunity to practice your moderate side – yes most of you do have this side! – whilst making modifications to how you would normally celebrate this event.  You can “healthy-fy” various foods or perhaps unleash your creative side with some non food related activities?!

1. The Easter Egg Hunt & Other Games

There are so many variations on the hunt. But something you might like to think about that is that rather than having it be all about finding chocolate eggs instead run it as a Scavenger Hunt with non food prizes along the way and rhyming clues or clues which are drawings or photos (especially good for younger children). For those of us that this seems like too much extra to think about there are loads of great ideas on the internet. Just search scavenger hunt ideas or “scavenger hunt clues” and you’ll even get clues you can print out and hide. For an excellent round up of various types of hunts (although I would not use the amount of eggs they reference just the ideas for the games).

2. Alternative Easter Gifts

There are so many options here but for example think books or small toys or real eggs with little plants inside them or other non-chocolate gifts. There are a huge number of books available that have some Easter theme or can related in some way.

3. Options to Store Bought Eggs – “Health-ifying”

You could make your own more traditional chocolate egg. It’s a bit fiddly to be sure but if you have the time and enjoy creating things then I’m sure you’ll find it very satisfying. This year we’ve made a Paleo version of a Cadbury Creme Egg.

An idea that I’m going to use (which will should work well for any children not yet unable to contemplate Easter without chocolate) is to try something that without any chocolate but in Easter spirit such as grapes wrapped in coloured foil or you can dip grapes in chocolate then put in foil for a more natural sugar treat.  But unless you want very disappointed (that might be putting it mildly!) children I wouldn’t try the pseudo-egg with children that are used to the real deal…

Another idea to go along with the chocolate fun (or instead of) is to use food as art. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

So there you have it – just a few ideas to think about that you could incorporate into your Easter weekend. You can still have chocolate but try to get the best quality you can and as always just be mindful in your consumption of it. That doesn’t mean feeling guilty about having it. But it does mean being aware of how it makes you feel. Which, for the record, should always be fantastic!