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It is about the food. But it’s not all about the food:

If you’re like most of our readers you’re a busy parent wondering how you can get your kids eating more real food without the meltdowns.

If you’ve come here more recently you may have come across us through our work with essential oils and be intrigued to learn more about how you could incorporate them into your life.

You want to be happier and healthier and you want your children to be happy and healthy too. And you suspect or believe that the food they eat and the various environmental factors they’re exposed to are having a massive impact on them.

Dom’s Kitchen began with a focus on healthy food for kids but it was always my intention for it to be about more than food. To have a more holistic focus on what it means to be a healthy happy family. To this end I’m sharing our journey towards a lower tox more sustainable way of life.

So this blog is about the journey (the good, the bad and the messy in-between); the things that have worked for me (and the things that haven’t). It’s about creating a space where you can be part of a community that supports you to remain motivated and confident about the importance of feeding your kids more real food and using natural solutions in your home. And it’s also, if you’re feeling called, a place to stand up boldly for what you believe is best for our health and for our children’s futures. If this is you then welcome to our tribe of truth seekers and change makers.


We’ve got:

  • Family friendly recipes & ideas for quick easy meals at home or in the lunchbox.

  • Simple essential oil solutions for lower tox living – cleaning, health, beauty etc.

  • Information on the latest upcoming in-person or on-line community events.

  • A shop coming soon where you can purchase items that will support your lower tox lifestyle.


We’re also working on building a resource of information, tips, strategies and tools that will help you successfully navigate the minefield that has become the modern food landscape. Useful stuff like:
  • Advice for raising confident eaters, including strategies for more fussy kids.

  • Resources for improving the food culture at pre-school, school and sporting events.

  • Tips for grocery shopping, label reading, and saving time and money in the kitchen.

How can you get the most out of Dom’s Kitchen:

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