Hi and welcome!

I’m Claire Deeks, the blogger behind Dom’s Kitchen and mum to Dominic who’s the “why” behind this whole thing!

I’m passionate about living a happy healthy life and helping other families to do the same.

I’m not perfect: Or, at least I’m definitely practicing “imperfect perfection” and making mistakes is an everyday event.


But the thing is… we don’t need to turn our lives upside down to be happier or healthier. Just a couple of things done consistently can change our lives profoundly.

For me these things have been:

(1) choosing real food over fake food (not every time but more often than not).

(2) incorporating pure essential oils for natural health solutions (to support sleep, calming, focus, immunity, digestion, respiratory, head tension), skin, beauty & more.

And maybe you’re wondering what I mean by real food? Well, some might call it eating paleo, or primal, or perhaps eating “low carb healthy fat”. Or perhaps you prefer “Keto” or have a need to eat AIP (auto-immune paleo). These are all variations of a theme. Essentially we’re talking about nutrient dense, whole foods. Foods that are minimally processed without problematic additives and preservatives. Meat from grass fed, free range/paddock raised animals and wild caught fish. Food that looks like food.

There are other things I’m working on that I can’t say I’ve mastered – like more me time, more sleep and more mindfulness. These are works in progress that I’ll be more focused on and talking about here going forward.

Find out more about me and my journey from corporate lawyer to blogger, essential oils educator & doTERRA Diamond leader here.

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