Berry Jam (With Chia Seeds)

Too easy and yummy. Have you tried this?! Goes great with our ABC grain free bread :-).

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Chia Seed Berry-licious Jam


Paleo Carrot Cake (or Carrot Cake Muffins)

paleo-carrot-cake Paleo Carrot Cake.

Do you have a tried and true special occasion cake? Or have you seen a cake you would love to make (even one that is traditional ingredients that can be “paleofied”). Send us a pic or link to the recipe […]

Hot Cross Bun Muffins

These are a super delicious alternative to the usual hot cross buns. But they’re not hot cross buns! If you absolutely love the taste of a hot cross bun as traditionally made and are able to eat them then I’d recommend you make the real deal or go out and […]

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