Looking for some healthy halloween ideas? Check out these four fun ideas that are great for a halloween party and (depending on your situation) could also work in the lunch box too. Have fun and remember if you make any of these creations be sure to let us know how you went and tag us #domskitchen if you’re posting pics on social media!

We’re going to be back in the kitchen later this week making some healthy lollies for trick or treat so keep an eye out on social media and the blog for those coming soon!

  1. Mini Mandarin Pumpkins


Mini Mandarin Pumpkins

Super easy and fun idea for kids lunchbox this week.

Just peel a mandarin and cut a piece of green veggie to use as the stalk. We used a piece of leek. One tip is to peel your mandarin from the bottom if it’s not so easy to peel so you if you end up digging into the flesh when peeling it won’t show on the “pumpkin”.

2. Scary Monster Teeth


Scary Monster Mouths

Scary Monster Mouths

Core apple (or cut core out) and then cut apple so you end up with four quarters.  Into the outside of the apple pieces cut wedges to make the mouths.  Be careful not to cut too far so you cut right through. It’s a little bit fiddly but easy enough to do once you figure out the angles.

You can add peanut butter or any nut butter or a jam for bloody mouth! The nut butter works well as it’s sticky.  Then place sliced almonds (or any other teeth shaped nut or seed or coconut flakes) on to make the teeth. Finally you can stick a slice of strawberry into the mouth for a “terrible tongue”.

3. Gross Green Eyeball Eggs – With Spiders


Spider Egg Eyes

So make as many hard boiled eggs as you like. Then slice them length-wise (use hot knife to cut more easily).

There are couple of different ways you can do these eggs. One way is to take the egg yolk out (save for something else) and add avocado and lemon and pepper to the egg to make a guacamole green eye ball. Or you can just keep the yolk as it is.

If you want to create a spider using the olives then cut an olive in half length-wise and use one half for the body and then slice other half up for legs. Or slice the olive width-wise and then use the ring as an eyeball and you can put some tomato sauce inside for red eye.

4. Mini Ghost Sausages


Ghost Sausages

Little Ghost Sausages

For this one you need some fat sausages (gluten free and filler free best) and something for the eyes. I didn’t have anything at the time so used cloves! But don’t recommend that – use sunflower seeds for eyes!

So its really easy – just cook the sausages in the usual way but don’t over cook (like we did) though as otherwise the skin will be too tough to cut without splitting.Then when sausages slightly cooled slice in half and cut them from the middle. Cut three incisions so that you end up with 6 short “legs”. Then prop the sausage upright.

We also did another variation using longer skinny sausages and making more of a scary octopus.

Serve with your favourite dip – we used our homemade tomato sauce.

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