2015 kind of got away on me for the new resolutions and renewed focus on health and wellbeing. So I’ve decided that March will be the new January this year. I’m going to do Chris Kresser’s 14Four program which you can read more about in the link below. Basically it’s a two week program with a two week intro focusing on four key areas: Move Your Body, Sleep, Minimise Stress and Eat Optimally.
We’ll do some posts on how we’re going (yes going to rope Chef Dom into this too!). Let us know if you’re doing this program or if you have done anything similar or would be keen to know more about what types of programs are out there. 14Four is quite a basic intro program but it is a more holistic approach which is why I thought I would give it a go. Others focus more on foods (such as the Whole30 or Pete Evan’s Paleo Way 10 Week program or 21 Day Sugar Detox). And for the record I think the foods focused short programs have their pros and cons but overall the pros outweigh the cons for me especially if you are wanting to do a reset and are checking out whether you have intolerances to certain foods.