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Loads of simple delicious real food recipes. They’re all gluten free, grain free and many are dairy free! Yum and fun!

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Hi, I’m Claire Deeks & I’m the blogger behind Dom’s Kitchen.

I’m about living a happy healthy life & helping others do the same. 

I’m not perfect. Or, at least, I’m definitely practicing “imperfect perfection” & making mistakes is an everyday event. 

My particular passion is to educate, empower and inspire mothers to be truth seekers and change makers in respect of their own health & wellbeing & that of their families. 

Dom’s Kitchen is where I share our efforts to live a more holistic life & keep it real about the ups & downs involved. 

If you’re like most of our community you’re a busy mum (or dad) wondering how the heck you can get your kids eating more real food without the meltdowns. You want to be happy and healthy and you want your children to be happy and healthy too. 

You suspect or believe that the food they’re eating is having a significant impact on their wellbeing – but you also know it’s not all about the food. 

If this sounds like you then welcome – come and join us!

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Low tox living tips and tricks from our blog – including recipes, real life slice of life recounting and the occasional rant. We keep it real, fun & (mostly) stress free. Catch the latest blog posts here:

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Supermarket bought bliss balls are generally full of preservatives and refined sugar. Or where not with refined sugar still over 50% sugar with the high level of dried fruits. You can make bliss balls that are higher in fat and lower in sugar which is my preference but these are generally not so [...]

Nut Free Muesli Bar (Paleo)

I've been experimenting for a while for a nut free, grain free, dairy free "muesli" bar that will hold together for the school lunches. This is the current best attempt so far. The challenges are that what holds most bars together is the grains and loads of sugar plus they're usually full [...]

A healthy holistic lifestyle program that ticks all the boxes!

A genuinely holistic and sustainable 9 week healthy lifestyle program. There are so many programs out there promising rapid weight loss, radiant skin and ripped abs in weeks. I'm sure you've even tried one or more of them. But the usual thing is that we either give up before the end (because [...]

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