Project Royal Breakfast: Pumpkin Soup


Dom making a Royal Breakfast with eggs.

So yes another project – there are a few going on here (check them out under The Mummy Projects in the Blog). And yes I do realise these can be annoying. But it’s how I roll.  Always on a project or two or ten. This one is Project Royal Breakfast. And today was progress getting Chef Dom to regularly eat breakfasts that look like dinner or lunch: So soups and vegetables as well as eggs or meat or fish. With a side of fermented veggies! And a cup of bone broth! Well that’s the ideal and it does actually happen but not always without some complaining…

So anyway – today was Butternut Squash Soup (made with just butternut + onions + splash coconut cream) with an egg stirred in and side of salmon and sauerkraut. Not massive serving but a hearty meal. It’s not easy to transition to this way of eating after years of cereal and toast. Doms turned his nose up at a fair few of my “royal breakfasts”. But now he’s definitely understanding that breakfast could be anything.

Once you get past the mind block you realise all the possibilities for a truely nutrient dense diet. And it is so worth it when you do get these successes.