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Real Food. Real Talk. Real Life. 

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Does all the contradictory information on health and nutrition make it seem like being healthy is just too hard??

Would you love to have access to easy to understand advice on how to reduce packaged foods & lower your family's sugar intake? 

Want to know tried and tested ways to getting your kids to eat a variety of healthy foods as well as making healthy eating fun, more cost effective and less time consuming

Dom's Kitchen Club can help: As a member of our community you'll get daily tips, guidance and inspiration on eating real food and making it fun for the whole family.


Delicious, nutritious recipes & wellbeing tips.


Fun group challenges and checklists


Find support & inspiration in our online community.


Participate in goup coaching sessions - live and replay.

What people are saying...

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for prompting me to pay more attention to the food that we eat. It's been great to find the motivation to make changes." - Juliet H, 5 Day Challenge February 2017

"Thank you so much for doing what you do in such an encouraging manner! Your tireless work and passion for real food, your endless hours of research and computer time, messy kitchen experimenting and the list goes on - all to help give people like us the tools we need to nourish and nurture our children (and environment) for a better and healthier future!💜" - Kerry A, 5 Day Challenge February 2017

"In my mission to have my family (kids) eat more paleo (real food) I show my 6yr old your page with Dom and all his lunch boxes - to see another child with 'different' lunches. Her classmates have mostly processed packaged food and comment on what she has - which makes her self conscious. So, thank you for helping her to see another child with real, fresh, whole foods. I'm looking forward to it being the new normal!" - Kirstyn C (North Shore), Dom's Kitchen Club 2016

"We've been on the real food wagon for almost a year and I thought we ate healthily before. Now I look at most of the lunches at school and it scares me. It’s frightening how much sugar is packaged into those boxes for kids to consume daily. You just make it sound so logical, real and encourage baby steps in the right direction In a laid back kiwi way but with a passion that makes it so vital! Good on you! Keep on keeping on! You’re encouraging a revolution, one lunchbox at a time 😉" - Jess M (Auckland), Dom's Kitchen Club 2016

"I have loved being a part of this challenge. Lots of learning but fun too!" - Rebecca M, 5 Day Challenge February 2017

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When you join you'll receive:


As a member of our club you'll get access to all our delicious, nutritious and fun REAL FOOD / PALEO recipes including special member only recipes. 

All recipes are grain free, refined sugar free, gluten free. Many are also AIP, nut free, dairy free and/or egg free too.


We know that making changes to a healthier lifestyle can seem tiresome. That's why we're adding in some fun activities! 

You'll have checklists and challenges (all totally do-able) during the month helping you make real change to your family's health all while having some fun at the same time.  


Once joined up you'll gain access to our private Members Only Facebook Group. 

We'll keep you accountable and help you stay on track with your real food goals with daily guidance, support and ideas from me as well as other group members. Plus of course... have fun hanging out in a likeminded community!


You'll receive an invitation to participate in at least one live online group coaching call (with replays available) each month & chance to ask questions/chat with other attendees live.

There will be guest experts on a range of special topics: fussy kids.. allergies, intolerances, paleo, budgeting etc. 

But that's not all...

As a member of Dom's Kitchen Club you'll also get:


As a member you'll also gain access to special member only bonus materials* each month including real food shopping guides for your supermarket, pantry checklists, lunch box packing tips & tricks, top kitchen gadgets worth investing in and wellbeing tips from a Paleo perspective. We'll also share our tips and tricks on getting kids to eat more variety of nutritious foods - especially those vegetables!


As a member you receive exclusive discounts to some of our favourite real food and wellness products and services. We'll be adding more products and servics as we grow but already we have some great deals including over 25% of normal retail price plus free shipping on some of our favourites to help make the real food journey less stress and more convenient. 

Dom's Kitchen Club: Making Real Food Fun & Easy For Families.

Join Dom's Kitchen Club now to receive your Free Bonus:

A set of Dom's Kitchen Lunchbox Lovenotes - adorable cards to download, print out & pop into your children's lunchboxes.


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*1 year membership to Dom's Kitchen Club (as per super saver). IN ADDITION: Two 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching calls with Claire.

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What we're about at Dom's Kitchen?

We're all about REAL FOOD at Dom's Kitchen:

Too much of the food we and our children eat is overly processed, high in refined wheat and sugar and full of additives and preservatives. Everyone has the right to REAL FOOD. At the same time, we're all at different stages in the real food journey and we're not about judging. At Dom's Kitchen it's all about learning and sharing in a likeminded community.

What do we mean by REAL FOOD? 

By "Real Food" we mean food that nourishes our bodies. Food that's grown and raised as nature intended, not manufactured with refined sugars, refined wheat and industrial seed oils and food that is not factory farmed but where the animals are well looked after. Some people call it Paleo. Some say it means Just Eat Real Food!

Quick, Easy & Fun REAL FOOD recipes: 

Enjoy quick, easy and fun real food recipes with "How To" videos that will make your life easier. Recipes are grain free, gluten free and we'll have special allergy friendly focus with dairy free and nut free recipes. It's not just about the recipes either - it's making food together and sharing the experience of making as well as eating the foods. Shared experiences are the best!

Learn the secrets to packing 5 minute REAL FOOD lunchboxes:

Packing a real food lunchbox doesn't have to be a huge stress and it doesn't have to take hours. In Dom's Kitchen Club we'll be sharing our tips & tricks to packing a delicious, nutritious real food lunchbox in 5 minutes or less a day. You'll have access to recipes, shopping lists and meal plans so you'll never be short for healthy lunchbox ideas.

"In my mission to have my family (kids) eat more paleo (real food) I show my 6yr old your page with Dom and all his lunch boxes - to see another child with 'different' lunches. Her classmates have mostly processed packaged food and comment on what she has - which makes her self conscious. So, thank you for helping her to see another child with real, fresh, whole foods. I'm looking forward to it being the new normal!" 

- Kirstyn Campbell (Dom's Kitchen Club member 2016)

Let's get started!


  • Quick, easy & delicious recipes! 
  • Real food lunch box ideas. 
  • Wellness tips. 
  • Online coaching.
  • Guest experts on special topics.
  • Accountability & support in a private facebook group. 
  • Fun challenges & checklists to motivate. 
  • Discounts & Fun Competitions.


Just $9 for your first month of real foodie goodness!