About Our Family


Me & Dom.


Hi there!  I’m Claire! 

One of those slightly crazy totally passionate mummy bloggers who believe they really can make a difference in the world.  How?  By inspiring and supporting parents in making real food a reality for their families as well as educating them on changes they can make to their lifestyle to optimise their families’ wellbeing.

Interested to know a bit more – check out my about me page!

But first – say hello to the rest of my family…



Chef Dom:

Dominic has just turned 4 years old.  He loves to cook and he loves to eat.  But most of all he loves to play with his Thomas trains. He is a beautiful soul.



Chef Dom’s Big Sister:

Courtney is Chef Dom’s big sister.  She lives in Sydney.  She loves to create amazing videos and to play netball.  But most of all she loves One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. She’s the best big sister.


My Husband:

It’s fair to say Stuart’s more a “KFC is paleo right?” kind of guy.  So while I’m doing 80:20 (or more like 90:10) he balances things out with more of a 50:50 approach.  He really doesn’t want to hear about why I consider whole grain bread to not be a health food.  But… I’m going to convert him – yes I am!  You can check out the trials and tribulations of my biggest “home improvement”mission of all:Project “H”(a.k.a. the husband conversion project). And yes he has seen this intro.  Game on!

Where We Live:  

We live mostly in Auckland (New Zealand) and sometimes in London (England).